Multiple – Demon Experiences in Many Lands

This work of 31 chapters is simply different chapters of experiences by missionaries and others with demonic activity from different countries around the world. Some chapters are Modern Demon Posession, Demonology, Saved and Delivered, Relpase? Under the curse, etc.

MacDuff – The Mind of Christ v2

This is a 31 day devotional by John Ross MacDuff

Davison – The Indwelling Spirit v2

Davison, W.T. – The Indwelling Spirit is a 1911 work with 16 chapters on the indwelling Holy Spirit in us. Gifts, Fruit, prayer, tides, plenitude, spirit of Truth, etc.

Cole, C.D. – Definitions of Doctrine (3 Volumes)

Definitions of Doctrine is a basic doctrines book in three volumes. Vol 1 has 26 chapters dealing with the doctrine of God. Vol. 2 has 27 chapters on Sin, Salvation, and Service. Volume three has 27 chapters on the Church.

Carradine, Beverly – A Journey to Palestine

In this 43 chapter work, A Journey to Palestine Carradine (Nazarene) recounts his trip to Palestine, and from the United States through Europe to get there.