Stanley, C. – The First Years of Christianity and What is the Church

Charles Stanley (Brethren) presents us with an overview of the First Years of Christianity, which is a definition, What is the Church. He looks at first issues, like how Christianity begun, the first state of the Church, the Holy Spirit’s relationship with the church, etc.

Bellett, J.G. – Pauls Apostleship and Epistles

Bellett Pauls Apostleship Epistles is a 31 chapter survey of Paul’s writings, with some additional 17 chapters on related topics having to do with the life and ministry (apostleship) of Paul.

Dagg, J.L. – Treatise on Church Order

Dagg’s Treatise on Church Order is a Doctrines book for church order, which includes typical issues in a local church, such as baptism, local vs universal church, infant membership, communion, washing of feel, worship, etc.

Cole, C.D. – Definitions of Doctrine (3 Volumes)

Definitions of Doctrine is a basic doctrines book in three volumes. Vol 1 has 26 chapters dealing with the doctrine of God. Vol. 2 has 27 chapters on Sin, Salvation, and Service. Volume three has 27 chapters on the Church.