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September 29, 2015

Well, this website is a product of my ministry as a pastor and missionary, and as such my ministry comes first before this website. Over the past year we have had some real challenges. Between about 12 of my 32 websites being hacked and blackballed by Google, and moving to the states for furlough, it has been a topsy-turvy time. I am not established in the US, and I am visiting churches trying to raise more support for our missionary ministry in Mexico.

Concerning this website, I am now working on adding more modules to it. Please continue to check back. I am also working on the websites companion websites (see menu at top to jump between the websites). I will be migrating the Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries to their own websites and trying to add more to all of them.

 June 5, 2014

Well, we are back up, so let me start by giving you some news.

Module Library is being totally reformatted

What started out as “correcting a few modules” turned into a library wide reformatting of 2700 modules. Unfortunately, there was/is a lot more to do. I am (slowly) going through the entire library reformatting all of my modules. I decided that I want to put added value into my modules as much as possible, and that starts with them looking good for study purposes.

Our Modules are now for sale

I have studied this situation, and prayed over it, and I have decided that I have to start charging for my modules. I see no other way around it. My expenses for hosting and other associated expenses (like domain rental) are just growing all the time, and as such, my personal-ministry income is dwindling, and there is no money for this ministry. Rather than taking down everything, I will have to settle on ministering to less people, and trying to make what I charge cover my expenses.

Free Modules versus Premium Modules

A free module means I am not charging for the download of the module. A premium module means that I am charging for the download of the module. The cost of each module is calculated for that module, which means, the amount of time, energy, and effort I have put into the module (factoring in the size of the module) will be a factor in determining the cost. For example, a single chapter module basically is going to be free “across the board.” A module with 100+ topics/chapters, and long ones at that, where I have to do a lot of reformatting and things to it, or that is complicated to do, will cost you something. Basically, I am thinking modules from 4 to 30 chapters should cost along the lines of 25 cents to $1.50. (See below for discounts and sales for price reductions.)

The income from the sale of these modules will go to pay for my hosting and related expenses, as well as paying for software and hardware equipment used in the production of these modules.

Copyrighted versus Public Domain Modules

My library has diversity, and this is seen by copyrighted modules where the book is still under copyright, but I have gotten permission from the copyright owner to post it on my website. These copyrighted modules are under copyright, and I usually have no rights to sell them or charge for them, so I am not doing so. All of them will be free modules. NOTE: A free module on my website does not mean you can do anything you want with it. You must directly contact the copyright owner before uploading it to other websites. Of course you can always download the module and use it for your own personal use, and give it away to friends.

A Public Domain module means that nobody has the right to restrict any use of the work in any way. A public domain module on my website can be used in any way you so desire. Note: Most of my modules are now reformatted and have a lot of personal notes (cross references, additional material, etc), and although the original work is public domain (do anything you want with it), YOU MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE, UPLOAD IT TO THE INTERNET, NOR DO ANYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT! You must remove all of my notes and additional material before uploading it to other websites. Please respect my rights of my material, and do not abuse my work.

Note that copyright considerations is totally different from being “free” or “premium” on my website.

Discounts and Sales

I am charging a flat amount for each premium module, but I am also giving discounts. I could charge 10 cents per module, but somebody would buy just one module, and Paypal would charge me 65 cents as a minimum surcharge on any purchase, so I would lose 55 cents per purchase. So that won’t work. 🙂 So I am trying to charge more, and giving you an incentive to purchase a number of modules. Basically, the pricing frame work is discussed on this page, “Pricing”.

$0-$10 – NO DISCOUNT
$10-$25 – 10%
$25-$50 – 15%
$50-$75 – 25%
Author Pack – 35%
Category Pack – 35%
Entire Month’s modules – 50%
Entire Year’s modules – 65%

Seasonal Special Sales – From possibly 10% up to a maximum of 65%.

So as you purchase more modules at one time, they become cheaper. On the seasonal sales, you can get a maximum discount of 65%, which is about all I am going to discount any giving module (which for a 25 cent module is around 8 cents per module, or around 12 modules for a dollar, or 87 modules for the price of a Starbucks coffee, I mean come on).

Our Members Clubs

Basically I want some economic help from the people who use this website. Scripture says that the laborer is worthy of his salary. I am not getting any kind of salary, but I do need help with my expenses. But for those few users of my modules that downloaded everything in the past, there should be some special relief, and thus I thought up three “TWmodules Clubs”. Note: when you think you are close to being qualified for one of these clubs, please write me, I will check, and then notify you, and put you on the mailing list. All three clubs will get a monthly email with the discount coupon code to use. There are three clubs, the Silver Club (35%off everything), the Gold Club (65% off everthing), and the Diamond Club (100% off everything).

The Silver Club – When you have purchase $150 from my website (theWord modules), then you qualify for this club, and you will receive the Silver Club email, and you can use this discount coupon code on all future purchases with a 35% discount (no other discounts applicable).

The Gold Club – When you have purchase $500 from my website (theWord modules), then you qualify for this club, and you will receive the Silver Club email, and you can use this discount coupon code on all future purchases with a 65% discount (no other discounts applicable).

The Diamond Club – The Diamond Club is a special club for only a very limited amount of people. I am a missionary, and I have churches that support me monthly (in my work as an evangelist and church planter). The pastors and churches that send me money monthly for years sometimes use theWord software, so I am making this special club for them. They get everything for free. Specifically, this club is for the pastors of my supporting churches, and their principle men, leaders, and Sunday School teachers. I am leaving it at the discretion of each pastor which of the people in their church they give access to the Diamond Club.

Also I have a very few (about 5) individuals that support me monthly. After a year of supporting me for at least $50, individuals can ask me to put them on the Diamond Club, and I will consider it. If their support stops, then they will be removed.

“$1 off” Coupons

Note that I am also giving away $1, $2.50, $3, $5, etc coupons to people, and also putting these coupon codes within some of the modules. These coupons will be very limited in their time frame that they are good, but if you come across one of them, save it, and you can use it to purchase some modules for free (no minimum purchase on them).

How to get Modules for Free

As another promotional event, I am also doing some promotions within my user base. Basically, Google search will elevate the value of a webpage if there are comments on it. So I am giving some of those $1 off coupons above to people who have at least 10 comments on different pages on my websites. “Great book” is not sufficient here. You have to make a valid comment (10 of them) about the content, doctrine, doctrinal position, historical background, etc. of the work in order to get a free off coupon. If you want to get one quicker, then find a work that I don’t have an affiliation for, and find me information on that author (either a URL to webpage that gives the information or a scan from an actual book). Also if you find serious errors in a module on my website (like a part of a chapter cut off, or serious editing errors), then write me with it, and I will probably send you a discount coupon code.

Another way of getting these discount coupon codes is to send me a theWord module that isn’t on my website. Basically if you send me a URL of a work that is general permission or public domain, that I can easily format and make into a module, you will get a $1off coupon. If you send me the file in some other format (RTF or Microsoft Word, or e-Sword), then you could get $1.5 to $2.50 off coupons, and if you send it to me in a theWord format, then you could get a $5off coupon. The work must not be on my website, and it must be useable, i.e. not under copyright, or you must have the copyright permission. When in doubt, send me an email ([email protected]) with what you have, and I will evaluate it on a one by one basis.

For “hardship cases” i.e. people who just cannot afford to buy these modules, you can email me to let me get to know you. If you are on a pension or retirement with no active income except from your retirement/pension and savings/investments, then write me about yourself, specifically


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