Multiple – Demon Experiences in Many Lands

This work of 31 chapters is simply different chapters of experiences by missionaries and others with demonic activity from different countries around the world. Some chapters are Modern Demon Posession, Demonology, Saved and Delivered, Relpase? Under the curse, etc.

Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

Parsons Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory 312 page work investigating Satan and his works and characteristics

Murray Christian Armour Eph 6:10-18

Murray’s work, The Christian Armour, was written as Europe was in turmoil and war. He sees parallels between the world of his day (politically and the war perspective) and this passage of Scripture. Murray’s main focus in on the spiritual warfare. Note that this is an inspirational/motivational work that has a few verses each chapter, and the author launches into exhortations from them. This is not high expositional work then.

McRae Lectures on Satan

McRae Lectures on Satan is an 11 chapter work on the basic facts of Satan, sin, power of Satan and his demons, etc.

Chafer – Satan

A 12 Chapter study on the person of Satan by L.S. Chafer (Dallas Seminary). Chapters run the Career of Satan, ages, course of this age, this age and the Satanic system, the Satanic Host, Satan’s motive and methods, the man of sin, the fatal omission, modern devices, the believer’s present position and present victory.

Luginbill Satanic Rebellion

Understanding the devil’s revolt is essential background for any study of eschatology.  This series examines the causes and conditions of Satan’s rebellion and fall, God’s judgment on the world as a result and the Genesis Gap, the purpose, creation and fall of Man, the devil’s present tactics and world system, and the course of human history in God’s plan of seven millennial days.

Aycock Satan the Prince of this World

Description of Satan, the Prince of the world describing his Personality, his names, and his dubious (false presentation) nature. Also, Aycock explores the fears of Satan, as well as a brief trip through the Scriptures touching on various places where the Bible describes or depicts him somehow.

Luginbill – Angelology: the Study of Angels

Dr. Luginbill’s work, Angelology, the Study of Angels, is a single chapter work on Angels. Although brief, it is quite well documented on the specifics of the doctrine of angels.