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Update as of April 17, 2024

I was advised last night (April 16th) that twmodules.com was causing problems on the hosting server, and my hosting company has taken it offline. I am again working on it with them (two full days working on fixing the problems and communicating with customer support). They want me to upgrade to a higher costing plan, but as I haven’t gotten a single donation for this site in years (5+ years or more), the normal fees and costs are bankrupting me as is.

According to my website stats, twmodules.com has had 60k of visits in the last 30 days with 51 GBs served in that time frame. Amount donated $0 (zero dollars in donations) in 5+ years. So I am understanding this as being 60k visits from people who are looking for free theWord modules to upload to their own theWord websites and about 0 normal users who out of 50 normal users, 1 would donate $2 dollars or so every year. I am praying about going to an all paid system, with which I will get a lot less visits, but people will have to pay to see or download most anything. The reason I am praying about that is because it costs me a lot of money (which has come out of my personal finances for the last 15 years, i.e. our food and medicine budgets), apart from a tremendous amount of time laboring with WordPress and with the hosting company to keep this website online, it is just frustrating.

There are other options like just shutting down everything, and the new modules I am working on, I just keep for myself and maybe send a copy of the new modules to people who have donated to me in the last 30 days. But the lack of participation as well as lack of comments on any of my posts lead me to believe that people are just ranking my website for their own websites. Sorry! That is what it is looking like for me. I am looking at other options that will make it easier for me, but maybe more of a problem for my users (like making the modules have a die date, in which they will disappear). If I get no donations and no feedback from my users, then those few users who are downloading my modules for their personal use will have to search for copy cat sites and find what they want on those sites.

Additional Note: To just make you scratch your head, the added traffic over this past month appears to be the problem. So I am thinking of just making downloads on say two days a week of 3–5 works. If that happens, you will know why. I have scheduled some 10 works each day, and at present, I am having to change that and spread it out to 2 or 3 every day instead. I was shooting for having all the posts back up by June, but that is now stretched out over October 2024 now, and will probably spill over into 2025. Guys, it costs money to serve 2000 downloads and posts from a website. If the downloads are any good, a lot of people will come. That causes hosting problems that are only fixed by adding a higher costing hosting package. That is not my opinion, that is what my hosting company tells me.

But the fact of the matter is I like making theWord modules, and I just tolerate working to fix website problems. I am working on page-capturing John R. Rice’s “The Power of Pentecost.” I have several new works I am working on. Rice’s work is 454 pages, and you have to make 2-4 page captures PER EACH PAGE OF THE BOOK! I am working on it, though. It is a new work. But while I am laboring, I am thinking, “The laborer is worthy of his reward.1 Timothy 5:18. Enjoy the fruits of my labors while you can!

If you have some pity on me because of all of this, please donate a dollar or even $5 each year to help us. donate⇐=== to help support this website. I have 34 websites, all with donate links, and in 2023, I do not remember a single donation from any of them. I not have to shoulder this burden alone.

What people are downloading the most?

Recent “Top” Downloads: Luginbill Satanic Rebellion 2.5k downloads in February, 1k in March | Knapp The Ethics of Eternal Punishment 3k downloads in February | Dagg, L.L. – Manual of Theology 13k downloads in March | McGee How to Stand Against Satan 14k downloads in March, 20k in February | Cambron Bible Doctrines 4k in March | Hodge Systematic Theology 1.6k downloads in February | Knepper Satan Bound 1.5k downloads in February | Spurgeon Words of Counsel for Workers | Aiken – Temptation and Toil.

Bandwidth of pages viewed and modules downloaded (total traffic on the site)
Nov23 41.6 Gigabytes
Dec23 49.43 GB
Jan24 22.14 GB
Feb24 12.20 GB
Mar24 13.20 GB
Note that these View statistics are even though we had problems with our download plugin and had to replace it, take all posts offline (for most of March) and re-upload everything with new downloads links (which began in mid-March and will continue until May or June when we will replace everything that was up before).

The Lord willing, starting in June 2024, I will start working on both completely new modules and lost modules (those I have but haven’t posted on the site previously). Please pray for our work here. It is only by God’s grace that we are able to offer you these works. All the glory goes to our Lord and God.

Update: I am already uploading some new modules that I have recently made. I am not waiting until June 2024 to do that. But with all the problems, I am pushing everything further out into the future so that we will not have traffic problems. You will have to look for them.

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