Miley Systematic Theology

Miley Systematic Theology (2 vols)

Miley Systematic Theology covers an introduction to Theology, Theism, Theology, Anthropology, Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology, and appendices on Inspiration, Angels, and the Arminian Treatment of Original Sin.

Miley Systematic Theology covers an introduction to Theology, Theism, Theology, Anthropology, Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology, and appendices on Inspiration, Angels, and the Arminian Treatment of Original Sin.

Miley Systematic Theology

Miley Systematic Theology(2 vols)

Contents of Miley Systematic Theology


Part 1 — Theism
1. Preliminary Questions
2. Proofs of Theism
3. Scientific Basis of Theology
4. Systemization a Right of Theology

Part II. Theology
1, God in Being
2. God in Personality
3. God in Attributes
4. Divine Predicables not Distinctively Attributes
5. God in Trinity
6. The Son of God
7. The Holy Spirit
8. Truth of the Trinity
9. God in Creation
10. God in Providence

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Part III — Anthropology
1. Preliminary Questions

2. Primitive Man
3. Questions of Primitive Holiness
4. The Primitive Probation
5. Temptation and Fall of Man
6. Doctrine of Native Depravity
7. Proofs of Native Depravity
8. Origin of Depravity
9. Realistic Mode of Adamic Sin
10. Representative Mode of Adamic Guilt
11. Genetic Law of Native Depravity
12. Doctrine of Native Demerit

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Part IV — Christology
1. The Person of Christ
2. The Divine Incarnation
3. Christ is Theanthropic
4. The Sympathy of Christ
5. Leading Errors in Christianity

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Ascension of Christ | Baptism of Jesus | Birth of Jesus | Blood of Christ | Call of Christ | Call of Matthew | Character of Christ's Temptation | Christ | Christ our Saviour | Christ's Boyhood | Christ's Incarnation | Christ's Obedience | Christ's Resurrection | Christ's use of the OT | Christianity in Christ | Christocentric | Christology | Cleansing of the Temple | Condescension of Christ | Cross | Crucifixion of Christ | Death of Christ | Deity of Jesus Christ | Deliver Men from Sin | Despisement of Christ | Doctrine of the Blood | Draught of Fishes | Everlasting Father | Example of Christ | Feeding | Forerunner | Friend of Sinners | Friendship of Christ | Fullness of Christ | Glory of the Cross | Good Shepherd | Healing man born blind | Healing the Demonised | Helpfulness of Christ | Historicity of Jesus | Humanity of Christ | Incarnation. | Jesus | Jesus Christ | Jesus the Teacher | Jesus to be known by what he does | Jesus' Childhood and Youth | Jesus' Teaching upon Sin | Last Supper | Leadership of Christ | Life of Christ | Looking unto Jesus | Lordship of Christ | Magi | Marriage Feast in Cana of Galilee | Messiah | Mind of Christ | Mystery of Christ | Names of Christ | Nativity | Not a word of Christ shall ever Fail | Offices of Christ | Paschal Supper | Person of Christ | Personal Reign of Christ | Personality of Jesus | Pool of Bethesda | Poor Man's Guide and Friend | Prince of Peace | Propitiation | Purpose of the Cross | Quintessence of Christ | Radiance of Christ | Redemption of Christ | Rest of Christ | Resurrection of Christ | Saviorhood of Christ | Servitude of Christ | Son of God | Sonship | Subsistence of Christ | Sympathy of Christ | Syro-Phoenician Woman | Temper of Christ | Temptation means to End | Temptation of Jesus | Temptation of the Perfect Man | Temptation's Educational Aspects | Theophanies | Titles of Christ | Transfiguration | Two Natures of Christ | Unjust Steward Parable | Unsearchable Riches of Christ | Virgin Birth | Virgin Mary | Well of Sychar | Wonderful | Yoke of Christ

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Part V — Soteriology
1. The Atonement in Christ
2. The Salvation in Christ

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Part VI — Eschatology
1. Future Existence
2. The Intermediate State
3. The Second Advent
4. The Resurrection
5. The Judgment
6. Future Punishment
7. Future Blessedness

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1. Inspiration of the Scriptures
2. The Angels
3. Arminian Treatment of Original Sin

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John Miley, D.D., 1813-1895, was a Methodist theologian and professor of systematic theology at Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, New Jersey. Miley later became the chair of systematic theology. Miley graduated from Augusta College and, as a pastor, had held nineteen different appointments. Miley was one of “the Great Five” revered professors who led Drew for decades.

He wrote this book to conform to the theology believed by Methodist Episcopal Church at that time. This book is Arminian—not based on Calvinism—i.e. man has free will.

Many regarded Miley’s two volumes as one of the most substantial and well-knit statements of the Arminian theology produced in the nineteenth century.

None will question that John Miley has a secure place among the stalwarts of American theology of whatsoever school. He stands with Hodge and Strong and Warfield, with Little and Raymond and Sheldon, with Dwight and Channing and Bushnell, and they have no occasion to be ashamed of his company. In respect of loyalty to Scripture, evangelical insight, and structural coherence, he worthily perpetuates the tradition established by the early English Methodist theologians, Benson, Watson, and Pope, with whom, he is one in spirit and in mental style. (From

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