Cambron - Bible Doctrines that Matter

Cambron – Bible Doctrines that Matter

Mark Cambron’s Bible Doctrines work is an extensive doctrines book used by Florida Bible College. Cambron’s work covers Angels, Man, Holy Spirit, Christ, Salvation, Sin, Prayer, and the Doctrine of God.

Bible Doctrines that Matter by Mark Cameron is a standard Bible Doctrines book that is both conservative and exhaustive. This is an excellent aid to the Bible Student. A Bible Doctrines book go, this is a thorough doctrinal work, and Bible Doctrines also is sound doctrinally.

Bible Doctrines that Matter

by Mark Cambron
Cambron – Bible Doctrines that Matter

Mark Cambron’s Bible Doctrines that Matter work is an extensive doctrines book used by Florida Bible College.

Dr. Mark G. Cambron, B.A., M.A., Th.B., Th.M., Th.D., D.D., L.L.D., Litt.D., is one of the foremost theologians of our times. Born in Fayetteville, Tennessee on July 31, 1911. He was born-again in 1919. It was during a Billy Sunday campaign in Chattanooga that he trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

He was educated in the schools of Chattanooga, attended the University of Chattanooga, Tennessee Temple College and is a graduate of Northwestern Bible School and Northwestern Evangelical Seminary. He was an assistant in the 1940’s to W. B. Riley at First Baptist Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Northwestern Bible School / Evangelical Seminary. He Pastored in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and in Tennessee. He served for many years at Tennessee Temple College (1948-59) with Dr. Lee Roberson and served as Dean of the College.

In 1962, Dr. A. Ray Stanford and Dr. Cambron started Florida Bible College. From 1962 -1977, Dr. Cambron served as Co-Founder, Vice President, President and President/Emeritus of Florida Bible College. Since 1961, Dr. Cambron has been Founder and President of Seaside Mission and is heard in some areas over the Messiah Broadcast. He served as it’s President for forty years.

Dr. Mark Cambron was a faithful minister of the gospel. For over fifty years he preached, “Come Lord Jesus.” On May 24, 2000, The Lord Jesus said, “Mark, Come Home, great is your reward.” This work is Bible Doctrines that Matter.

Contents of Cambron’s Bible Doctrines that Matter


1. Names and Titles of God
2. The Existence of God
3. The Nature of God
4. Attributes of God
5. The Fatherhood of God

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Christology in Bible Doctrines that Matter

1. Names and Titles of Christ
2. The Incarnation of Christ
3. Two Natures of Christ
4. The Death of Christ
5. Resurrection of Christ
6. The Ascension and Enthronement of Jesus Christ
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1. The Personality of the Holy Spirit
2. Deity of the Holy Spirit
3. The Work of the Holy Spirit
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1. Man in his State of Integrity
2. … in his State of Sin
3. Man in his State of Grace
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Harmartiology in Bible Doctrines that Matter

1. The Origin of Sin
2. The Reality of Sin
3, The Nature of Sin
4. The Extent of Sin
5. The Realm of Sin
6, The Penalty of Sin
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1. Repentance
2. Faith
3. Regeneration
4. Justification
5. Sanctification
6. Adoption
7. Redemption
8. Prayer
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Bible Doctrines that Matter