Best, W.E. – Eternity and Time

W.E. Best s work on Eternity and Time looks at some perspectives about God’s existence and man’s entrance into the world.

W.E. Best s work on Eternity and Time looks at some perspectives about God’s existence and man’s entrance into the world.

1. Eternity And Time Must Be Distinguished
2. Distinction Between Eternity And Time Is Illustrated
3. God’s Eternal Purpose Is Executed In Time
4. The Eternal God Adapted Man For Time
5. Man In Time Has Eternity In His Heart
6. The Certainty Of Eternity And The Uncertainty Of Time Are Contrasted
7. Man’s Eternal Existence Does Not Consist In The Possessions Of Time
8. Man Was Created In Time To Live Eternally
9. The Whole Man Created In Time Will Live Eternally
10. God Distinguishes Immortality From Incorruption
11. Immortality Of The Body And Everlastingness Of The Soul Are Distinct
12. Momentary Light Affliction Is Outweighed By Eternal Glory
13. Temporal And Eternal Things Are Compared
14. Christians Are Saved In Hope
15. The Eternal House Will Replace The Tent Of Time
16. Paul Desired His House From Heaven
17. To Be Absent From The Body Is To Be Present With The Lord
18. Death Is Gain For The Christian
19. Biblical Information Must Not Remain In A Closed Bible
20. The Body Belongs To God
21. Resurrection Is Associated With Christ’s Second Coming (Part I)
22. Ressurection Is Associated With Christ’s Second Coming (Part II)
23. Flesh And Blood Will Give Place To Flesh And Bones
24. The Rich Man And Lazarus Are Contrasted
25. Attitudes Of The Elect And Nonelect About Time And Eternity Differ
26. Lazarus Ascended And The Rich Man Descended
27. The New Body Is Spiritual In Nature
28. Christ Is The Firstfruits Of The Elect’s Resurrection
29. The New Body Has A New Source Of Energy
30. God’s Creative Acts Are Either The Beginning Of Or In Time
31. Satan’s Contamination Of The Heavens and Earth Necessitates Their Renewal
32. The New Heaven And Earth Are The Elect’s Permanent Residence


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