Drummond Henry – The Ascent of Man

Drummond Henry – The Ascent of Man

Drummond Henry The Ascent of Man

by Henry Drummond

This a 20 chapter by Drummond (Free Scottish Church) on man and evolution. This is not a refutation of evolution, but rather more of an accommodation between evolutionary ideas, and man’s culture. Drummond’s statement purpose is not to show his descent to animals (evolution), but his ascent above animals. I briefly scanned this work, and didn’t think much of it, but according to wikipedia.org (see below), Drummond was a great Christain writer.

In 1890 he travelled in Australia, and in 1893 delivered the Lowell Lectures at Boston. It had been his intention to reserve them for mature revision, but an attempted piracy compelled him to hasten their publication, and they appeared in 1894 under the title of The Ascent of Man. Their object was to vindicate for altruism, or the disinterested care and compassion of animals for each other, an important part in effecting the survival of the fittest, a thesis previously maintained by Professor John Fiske.

Drummond’s health failed shortly afterwards (he had suffered from bone cancer for some years), and he died on 11 March 1897. His character was full of charm. His writings were too nicely adapted to the needs of his own day to justify the expectation that they would long survive it, but few men exercised more religious influence in their own generation, especially on young men.

CONTENTS of Drummond, Henry – The Ascent of Man

00.1 Preface
00.2 Introduction
A01. Evolution in General
A02. The Missing Factor in Current Theories
A03. Why Was Evolution the Method Chosen?
A04. Evolution and Sociology
B01. The Ascent of the Body
B02. The Scaffolding Left in the Body
B03. The Arrest of the Body
B04. The Dawn of Mind
B05. The Evolution of Language
B06. The Struggle For Life
B07. The Struggle For the Life of Others
B07a. Self-Sacrifice in Nature
B07b. Co-Operation in Nature
B07c. The Ethical Significance of Sex
B07d. The Ethical Significance of Maternity
B08. The Evolution of a Mother
B09. The Evolution of a Father
B10. Involution


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