Arthur, Timothy Shay – Ways of Providence

Arthur Ways of Providence is Christian Fiction.

Arthur Ways of Providence is Christian Fiction.


Few esteem the operations of Divine Providence, so far as themselves are concerned, as having regard to anything beyond what is natural; and, for this reason, “adverse” and “favorable” providences are so often spoken of with reference to the mere temporal well-being. Some even think that prosperity or adversity are sent as rewards or punishments for good or evil doing. In this, we think, there is an error. God is an eternal Being — all of His dealings towards us must, therefore, have an eternal end; and what higher end can such a Being, whose very nature is love, have, than the eternal salvation of His creatures?

That the whole of the Lord’s providence with man is governed by such a purpose, and that we are in prosperity or adversity, according as those conditions best subserve our eternal interests; and, moreover, that this Providence is intimate with every man, from the dawning of natural life until its close — we fully believe. And this is the doctrine of our book.


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