Lehman – The Man in Black

The Man in Black is a tongue in cheek work from time past in which Lehman satirizes how the world has “made the Devil a Gentleman” (and his son a man in Black, like a man of respect). While this is more like a work of fiction or something like Pilgrims Progress, it does have some interesting insights of compromise in 1913.

Austin-Sparks Centrality and Universality of the Cross

Austin-Sparks Centrality and Universality of the Cross is a 9 chapter work on how the cross relates to various topics, the person of Christ, the Holy Spirit, etc.

Austin-Sparks Nehemiah – A Living Message for God’s People Today

In this brief work (3 Chapters) by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life), he examines Nehemiah. His chapters are End-Time Conditions, The Character of the Lord’s Vessel of recovery, and A model prayer of intercession.

Austin-Sparks Dispensation of the Holy Spirit

The Dispensation of the Holy Spirit is a four chapter devotional work examines the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, about various topics dealing with the Holy Spirit.

Glenn – A Call to Complete Commitment to Christ

A Call to Complete Commitment to Christ is a 10 chapter work by Victor Glenn on your commitment to Christ. He examines God’s call in your life. The objective is total commitment on your part to Christ, and your appreciation for the great sacrifice Christ made for you.

Austin-Sparks Horizoned by Life

In this work by Austin-Sparks (Assembly of Christ, Reformed-Calvinist) he examines how Life should “horizon” us. “Horizon” is to be totally overwhlemed by something. In these 6 chapters, he looks at the Criterion of Life, the Criterion of Livingness, of Growth, of reproduction, of function and energy

Askwith – The Christian Concept of Holiness

This is a 12 chapter work, looking at holiness from several different angles: Moral duty, Virtue, Conscience and Reason, Happiness, etc.