Law A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Law-Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life is a long 27 chapter work on how to be holy. Excellent work! Classic. Must read book.

Austin-Sparks Ways of God

These Ways of God are principles which God has installed in creation, such as the Way of Wisdom, the Way of Spiritual Strength, the Way of True Discipleship, etc.

Miller, J.R. – In His Steps

In Miller’s In His Steps, Miller looks at 12 chapters of points of view of the Christian life, like beginning well, uniting with the church, the Bible, prayers, working for Christ, the duties of a church member, etc.

Anderson Robert – The Silence of God Theodicy

Anderson Silence of God theodicy is about when God is silent, the silence of God, which in theology it is theodicy. Why doesn’t God immediately vindicate his children.

Meyer, F.B. – Secret of Guidance

In this work by Meyer, Secret of Guidance he explains the secrets of receiving guidance from God.

Austin-Sparks Nehemiah – A Living Message for God’s People Today

In this brief work (3 Chapters) by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life), he examines Nehemiah. His chapters are End-Time Conditions, The Character of the Lord’s Vessel of recovery, and A model prayer of intercession.

Everard George – Talks about Christian Living

The following pages are intended to Everard George – Talks about Christian Living assist Christian people in the life of faith and holiness. They show its essential principle as deriving all strength from union with the Lord Jesus.

Body The Guided Life

The Guided life by George Body is a shorter 5 chapter work looking at the Holy Spirit guiding us by the way of contrition, then Sanctity, then Ministry, and finally by the way of Patience.