Turpin Gospel Papers

Turpin Gospel Papers

Turpin Gospel Papers is a work of 78 chapters on various religious topics such would be sermons.

Turpin Gospel Papers is a work of 78 chapters on various religious topics such would be sermons.

Table of Contents of Turpin Gospel Papers

Gospel Papers

Edited by W T Turpin.


1 “The Persecutor Surprised”
2 A New Well, or will the Old Well do?
3 “The, Day of the Lord, the Night of the World”
4 “Conviction and Confidence”
5 “The Storm-cloud Behind”
6 “The Blood-sprinkled Lintel”
7 The First Word of the Risen Saviour
8 Christless Religion!
9 There is a Saviour in Glory
10 The Record of God
11 Despising and Perishing
12 “Rejected Convictions”
13 Saved Now and for Ever
14 “It Behoved Christ to Suffer and to Rise”
15 “Caught Away, or Left Behind”
16 The Wreck and the Island
17 Fragment
18 “A Feast of Fat Things”
19 Perfected for Ever
20 “Life or Judgment”
21 “Who is on Our Side — Who?”
22 The Lord Jesus in Moses, the Prophets, and all the Scriptures
23 “God was in Christ”
24 “The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
25 “The Conscience and the Heart”
26 “The Jailer Liberated”
27 The Prodigal’s Reception
28 “He Died for Me”
29 Jordan: or Death Abolished
30 A Word to Anxious Ones
31 The Good Samaritan
32 The Dumb to Speak; or, the Mouth Closed and Opened
33 A Path through Grace to Glory
34 The Old Creation and the New
35 The Syrophenician
36 A Voice from the Deep
37 “Touch this Rock;” or the Heart made Light as a Feather
38 Too Late
39 “Fast Asleep”
40 “Rest … Rest”
41 “The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God”
42 “Salvation, Liberty, Food and Safety”
43 “I Shall Lie Down Happy To-night!”
44 Crucifixion and Mortification
45 Simeon; or, the Reception of Christ
46 She Fell Asleep
47 Christ Our Peace; or the Only Foundation
48 “Is it Peace?”
49 “Without Hope”
50 The Glory of the Cross
51 “No, No”
52 Sowing and Reaping
53 God Speaking from Heaven
54 “The Master of the House Risen Up, and the Door Shut”
55 The Light and the Blood
56 The Veil Rent, the Rocks Riven, the Graves Opened
57 “What hath God Wrought?”
58 The Harvest Past, the Summer Ended
59 Death, Guilt, and the Power of Satan
60 The Three Crosses
61 “Peace with God”


62 “In His Hand”
63 Righteous in Him
64 “Complete in Him”
65 “Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain”
66 A Saviour in Glory
67 The Lord hath Triumphed Gloriously
68 “The Glory of that Light”
69 “Received”
70 “I will Trust”
71 “All Things are Ready — Come!”
72 “He is Our Peace”
73 The Touch of Faith
74 “The Closed Door”
75 “Chiefest among Ten Thousand”
76 “Jesus in Glory”
77 “Come”
78 “The Light from Heaven”


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