Turpin – Occasional Papers

Turpin – Occasional Papers

Occasional Papers
by W.T. Turpin


Occasional Papers Volume 1
“One thing” — Mar 10:17-27; Psa 27:4-6
“His heart and his hand” — Num 13:1-33; Jos 14:1-15
The Servant of the Lord — 2Ti 2:19; 2Ti 3:16; Mat 12:18-19
“Delivered unto death” — Gen 32:24-31; 2Co 12:7-10
“My earnest expectation” — Php 1:23-25; Php 3:17-21
Divine Affections and Their Object
The Ensnaring Effects of the Visible

Occasional Papers Volume 2
Surpassing Glory and Surpassing Power — 2Co 3:7 — 4:9
The Artificial and the Spiritual — 2Co 3:18
Manasseh and Ephraim — Gen 41:51-52
The Power of Weakness — Gen 32:1-32
“My thoughts are not your thoughts” — 2Co 12:1-10
This Side Jordan and Beyond


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