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Works of Sir Robert Anderson

Secret Service Theologian

“Sir Robert Anderson was the Chief Inspector for Scotland Yard. He was greatly respected for his skill as an investigator. When Anderson wasn’t writing on subjects related to crime, he wrote Christian books on prophecy. He helped establish the fact that 69 of Daniel’s 70 weeks has now transpired, and the tribulation with be the 70th week. Sir Robert Anderson’s book The Coming Prince, has become a foundational resource for all dispensationalists.” – taken from the preface for Coming Prince.

Contents Works of Sir Robert Anderson

(b) book, (a) article
00 Biography of Sir Robert Anderson (a)
01 A Doubter’s Doubts about Science and Religion (b)
02 Christ and Criticism (a)
03 The Coming Prince (b)
04 Daniel in the Critics Den (b)
05 Election and Lordship (a)
06 Forgotten Truths (b)
07 Human Destiny (b)
08 Misunderstood Texts of Scripture (b)
09 Official Biography (b)
10 Sin and Judgment (a)
11 Spirit Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues (a)
12 The Bible or the Church (b) (also known by The Buddha of Christendom)
13 The Honour of His Name (b)
14 The Lord from Heaven (b)
15 The resurrection (a)
16 The Silence of God (b)
17 Redemption Truths (b)
18 Types in Hebrews (b)
19 The Gospel and Ministry (b)
20 The Bible and Modern Criticism (a)
21 Entail of Covenant (b)
22 Pseudo-Criticism
23 Redemption Truths (b)
24 Unfulfilled Prophecy (b)
25 The Way (b)
26 The Lighter Side of my Official Life

Anthology of Works
(Red is a book, and under each book are chapters in that book in Green.)

00.01 Biography of Sir Robert Anderson

01.00 A Doubter’s Doubts about Science and Religion. (Preface / Table of Contents)
01.01 How did life begin?
01.02 Darwinian Theory
01.03 Herbert Spencer’s Scheme
01.04 Have we a Revelation?
01.05 Is Christianity Divine?
01.06 Mr. A.J. Balfour’s Scheme
01.07 Cosmogony of Genesis
01.08 An Agnostic’s Apology
01.09 Irrationalism of Infidelity
01.10 A Sceptic’s Plea for Faith
01.11 How to Read the Bible
01.12 The “Higher Criticism”
01.13 Appendix: Creation

02.00 Christ and Criticism

03.00 The Coming Prince
03.01 Introductory
03.02 Daniel and His Times
03.03 King’s Dream and Prophet’s Visions
03.04 Vision by the River of Ulai
03.05 Angel’s Message
03.06 Prophetic Year
03.07 Mystic Era of the Weeks
03.08 Messiah the Prince
03.09 Paschal Supper
03.10 Fulfillment of Prophecy
03.11 Principles of Interpretation
03.12 Fulness of the Gentiles
03.13 Second Sermon on Mount
03.14 Patmos Vision
03.15 Coming Prince
03.16 App1a Chronological Treatise and Tables
03.16 App1b Chronological Table
03.17 App2 Miscellaneous: Who and When
03.18 App3 A Retrospect and a Reply
03.19 Preface to Tenth Edition
03.20 Preface to the Fifth Edition

04.00 Daniel in the Critics Den
04.01 The “higher criticism” and Dean Farrar’s estimate of the Bible
04.02 The Historical Errors of Daniel
04.03 Historical Errors continuted: Belshazzar and Darius the Mede
04.04 “Philological Peculiarities”: Language of Daniel
04.05 The Positive evidence in favour of Daniel
04.06 “Violent errors”
04.07 Professor Driver’s ‘book of Daniel’
04.08 The Vision of the “seventy weeks” – Prophetic Year
04.09 The Fulfillment of the vision of the “weeks”
04.10 Summary and Conclusion
04.11 Nebuchadnezzar’s First Invasion of Judea
04.12 Death of Belshazzar
04.13 The Punctuation of Daniel 9:25
04.14 The Jewish Calendar
04.15 The Twentieth Year of Artaxerxes
04.16 The Date of the Crucifixion
04.17 Professor Driver’s indictment of Daniel

05.00 Election and Lordship

06.00 Forgotten Truths
06.01 Questions Raised
06.02 Eternal Word of God
06.03 Blessing for Gentiles
06.04 Grace Enthroned
06.05 The Mystery of God
06.06 The Lord Jesus’ Return
06.07 The Gentile Church
06.08 The Second Coming, When?
06.09 Meantime, the Church Age
06.10 Why the Delay?
06.11 “Bema” of Christ
06.12 Evangelization of the World
06.13 App1 The Eras of Servitude
06.14 App2 Is the Church the Bride of Christ?
06.15 App3 The Lord’s Coming in Greek Words
06.16 App4 Phil 3:8-14
06.17 App5 Exclusion from the Millennial Kingdom
06.18 Chapter Footnotes

07.00 Human Destiny
07.01 Eternal Hope
07.02 “Salvator Mundi”
07.03 The Restitution of all Things
07.04 The Wider Hope
07.05 What is Life?
07.06 Eternal Life in Christ
07.07 Annihilation
07.08 Conditional Immortality
07.09 The Question Restated
07.10 The Question Discussed
07.11 The Question Answered
07.12 Appendix

08.00 Misunderstood Texts of Scripture
08.01 NT Introductory Chapter
08.02 Add one cubit
08.03 born of water and spirit
08.04 no fruit Father taketh away
08.05 Jacob I loved Esau I hated
08.06 the letter killeth
08.07 attain resurrection of dead
08.08 impossible to renew again to repentance
08.09 anointing with oil in name of Lord
08.10 Gospel preached to the dead

09.00 Official Biography
09.01 Dublin. The Beginning and the Call.
09.02 Gospel Commando Operations in Ireland
09.03 London. Home Office and Secret Service.
09.04 Scotland Yard
09.05 Criminals and Crime, A Pioneer
09.06 Friendships
09.07 Home Life
09.08 Marriage in 1873
09.09 Preacher and Witness
09.10 Author, Teacher and Defender of Faith
09.11 Counsellor and Helper of Many
09.12 Mr. Valiant for Truth
09.13 Carrying on the End

10 Sin and Judgment

11 Spirit Manifestations and the Gift of Tongues

12 The Bible or the Church (Buddha of Christendom)
12.01 Supremacy of the Bible
12.02 Universality of Religion
12.03 Is “Christian Religion” True
12.04 Dr. Pusey’s Teaching
12.05 Buddhism – priesthoods degradate Great Ideas
12.06 Supreme Authority – Bible or Church?
12.07 Romanizers Church is one Mediator
12.08 Fate of Unbaptized infant and Baptism
12.09 Illuminated mind of Primitive Christendom
12.10 Apostasy of Christendom and of “the Jews’ religion”
12.11 The True Method of Theological Study
12.12 Covenant is for covenant People
12.13 Church is a Disaster, Bible stands unchanged
12.14 App1 Christian Baptism and Baptismal Regeneration
12.15 App2 Romish Propaganidism
12.16 App3 Paolosarpi and Council of Trent
12.17 App4 Note 1 Bishops

13 The Honour of His Name
13.01 Contrast between primitive and modern practice in naming the Lord
13.02 Irreverent book titles
13.03 Who is a “Christian”?
13.04 The Present-day importance of the subject
13.05 The Patristic writings contrasted with Holy Scripture
13.06 The use of the name “Jesus” in Acts
13.07 The use of the name “Jesus” in Epistles
13.08 The use of the name “Jesus” in Revelation
13.09 The name “Jesus Christ” in Scripture
13.10 False views about Christ

14 The Lord from Heaven
14.01 The Question at Issue
14.02 The Meaning of “Son” in Scripture
14.03 The Son of Man
14.04 The Son of God
14.05 The Testimony of the First Gospel
14.06 Testimony of the Fourth Gospel
14.07 Testimony of James and Hebrews
14.08 Testimony of Apostle Paul
14.09 Testimony of Revelation
14.10 “For the sake of His Name”
14.11 The Revelation of Grace and Life to Come
14.12 App Note to Ch 4

15 The resurrection

16 The Silence of God
16.01 Problem Stated
16.02 Reference to Scripture seems only to make difficulty greater
16.03 Infidel Objections to miracles are considered and refuted- But why have they ceased?
16.04 The purpose and evidential value of miracles of Christ
16.05 Miracles given for Jews until rejected by God
16.06 Restatement of the difficulty of a silent heaven
16.07 Continuation of 6
16.08 A further defense of Holy Scripture is offered
16.09 digression: Angostic’s view of Christian doctrine
16.10 Paul’s gospel was a special revelation
16.11 Satan myth contrasted with Satan of Scripture
16.12 Present controversy between God and man is shown to be altogether about Christ
16.13 Silence of God is a part of the discipline of the life of faith
16.14 Appendix 1
16.15 Appendix 2 The Satan Myth

17 Redemption Truths
17.01 How can a sinner be saved
17.02 Significance of the Passover
17.03 Fullness of our Redemption
17.04 God’s Provision for the way
17.05 Recognizing my need
17.06 Receiving his provision
17.07 Justification and sanctification through the redemption
17.08 Change of dispensation
17.09 Doctrine of the Gospel
17.10 Sonship and the new birth
17.11 Christendom and the judgment
17.12 Hope of the Christian
17.13 The New Apostasy

18 Types in Hebrews
18.01 Other Testimony
18.02 Hebrews in the Old Testament
18.03 Priesthood
18.04 Christ’s Deity enforced
18.05 Aspects of his work
18.06 A Great Priest
18.07 Why the Tabernacle?
18.08 The return of Christ
18.09 The Patriarchs
18.10 Triumphs of faith
18.11 Heavenly realities
18.12 His full provision
18.13 Christianity is Christ
18.14 Appendix 1
18.15 Appendix 2
18.16 Appendix 3
18.17 Appendix 4
18.18 Footnotes

19.00 The Gospel and Ministry
19.01 Introduction
19.02 Grace
19.03 The Cross
19.04 Faith
19.05 Repentance and the Spirit’s Work
19.06 Election
19.07 Substitution
19.08 Righteousness
19.09 Sanctification
19.10 Reconciliation
19.11 Justification by Faith
19.12 Justification by Works
19.13 Justification by Blood
19.14 Holiness and Sanctification
19.15 Cleansed by Blood
19.16 The Priesthood of Christ
19.17 Atonement
19.18 The Godhood of God
19.19 Appendices
19.20 Footnotes

20 The Bible and Modern Criticism (a)

21 Entail of Covenant (b)
Seven chapters without titles.

22 Pseudo-Criticism

23 Redemption Truths (b)
23.01 How a Sinner Can Be Saved
23.02 Significance of the Passover
23.03 Fullness of Our Redemption
23.04 God’s Provision for the Way
23.05 Recognizing My Need
23.06 Receiving His Provision
23.07 Justification and Sanctification Through Redemption
23.08 Change of Dispensation
23.09 Doctrine of the Gospel
23.10 Sonship and the New Birth
23.11 Christendom and the Judgment
23.12 Hope of the Christian
23.13 The New Apostasy

24 Unfulfilled Prophecy (b)
24.00 Preface
24.01 through 24.10 chapters without titles.

25 The Way (b)
25.01 “The Way”
25.02 “Fools”.
25.03 The Life Choice
25.04 What Grace teaches
25.05 The sober life
25.06 The righteous life
25.07 The Godly Life
25.08 The fear of God
25.09 On being pilgrims
25.10 Who is a Christian?
25.11 The Christian hope
25.12 The Intermediate state.
25.13 Conclusion
25.14 Appendix, Note I., Note II.

26 The Lighter Side of my Official Life
16 Chapters without titles and an appendix.


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