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Anderson Sir Robert – Bible or the Church

IN this work by Robert Anderson, he compares the Bible and the organized church, i.e. religions and denominations.

In this work by Robert Anderson, he compares the Bible or the Church, i.e. the organized church, i.e. religions and denomination.

Table of Contents of Anderson Sir Robert – Bible or the Church

Title Page
Chapter 1 To establish the supremacy of the Bible was the aim of the Reformers

Chapter 2 Man is a religious animal

Chapter 3 It follows that religion should always be tested

Chapter 4 The dogmas of the religion of Christendom: on what ground are they presented to our faith ?-Dr. Pusey’s answer: Scripture as interpreted by the Fathers-This is refuted by the testimony of the Fathers themselves, and by the condition of the early Church–The Bampton Lectures, 1864, quoted -The Church of Christendom was founded on the Fathers – Augustine’s pottion and influence – His Confessions -The teaching of the Greek and the Latin Fathers contrasted – Clement and Augustine – Dean Farrar on the Church as formulated by Augustine

Chapter 5 The teaching of Gautama and the corruption of Buddhism-The Lamaism of Tibet-The Christian religion marked by corruptions akin to those of Buddhism and the old classic cults-The explanation of this strange phenomenon -The Divine religion of Judaism differed from all other religions-The character of the apostasy it suffered-The “Golden Calf”

Chapter 6 The religion of Christendom refuses an appeal to Scripture – Not so was it with the Reformers – Article XX.-The true character of the Reformation-Henry VIII. and Paul -The vital question is whether the supreme authority is the Bible or the Church- Bishop Gore cited as an exponent of the Romish view-Lux Mundi and The Ministry of the Christian Church-The absurdity and effrontery of his position–Professor Harnack quoted-The figment of Apostolic Succession stated and refuted.

Chapter 7 With the Romanisers the Church is paramount -The one mediator -This is the cause of the secessions to Rome -The true character of Protestantism -Salvation a personal matter -The teaching of the Law and the Gospel contrasted: Moses and Paul – The meaning of “religion”: Trench and Carlyle quoted – The secular Press on Ritualism – A typical letter quoted – What these men mean by “The Church “- The Reformers’ definition of it – The vital importance of the distinction – The revival of the Confessional in England – The manuals in use by priests – The profanity of priestly absolution – Scripture condemns it – Its degrading effect on national character.

Chapter 8 The fate of an unbaptized infant-The change alleged to be caused by baptism-What kind of God is thus presented to us? – Three facts established by an appeal to Scripture-Baptismal regeneration traced to the classic cults of Paganism-Mithras worship- The Eleusinian mysteries-Description of the cult, and its influence on the Christian Church-The Hibbert Lectures, 1888- Similar rites in Mexico and T’ibet-The early corruption of the other “Sacrament”.

Chapter 9 “The illuminated mind of primitive Christendom “-The Church of Christendom and “the Church in the wilderness “-The early Church marked by false doctrine and low morality–Pledged celibacy and asceticism-Nuns and nunneries -Tertullian’s baneful teaching-The testimony of Cyprian and Clement-Chrysostom and the Church in his day-The Imperial Edict to shield women from “The greed of the clergy-Cyril of Alexandria and the Council of 1431-The “Council of Robbers” -Salvian and his testimony to the state of the Church-“A sink of vices “-Ritualists appeal to this “primitive Church:” the Reformers appealed to the Christianity of the New Testament- The decline of the Evangelical party.

Chapter 10 The apostasy of Christendom and of “the Jews

Chapter 11 The true method of theological study.

Chapter 12 Bishop Gore again cited as an exponent of the Romish view of the Church

Chapter 13 Restatement of the question


Appendix I. Christian Baptism and Baptismal Regeneration
Appendix II. The Romish Propaganda.
Appendix III. Paolo Sarpi and the Council of Trent
Appendix IV.

I. Bishops
II. “Deacons”
III. “The Church” .
IV. “The Priest in Absolution”.
V. Death-dates of the leading Fathers
VI. The “Virgin Mary” myth
VII. The Apostle Paul on Celibacy –
VIII. “We have an altar”.

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