Mercer Bible Characters

This is a 31 chapter work on various OT and NT Bible Characters. Reade was an Anglican writer, basically writing about non-biblical subjects.

Bible Characters by Mercer is a 31 chapter work on various OT and NT Bible Characters. Mercer was an
Anglican writer, basically writing about non-biblical subjects.

Bible Characters

Bible Characters
By Alexander Gardiner Mercer, D.D. 1817-1882

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CIM: Bible Characters.
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Contents of Bible Characters

Memoir of Rev. Dr. Mercer
Abraham 1.
Isaac 14.
Jacob and Esau 24.
Jacob’s Vision, Consecration, and Vow 39.
Joseph 55.
Caleb 66.
Joshua 77.
Eli 80.
David 100.
David: His Sin and Repentance …… 114.
Jabez 124.
Mary 133.
John the Baptist 151.
The Greatness of John the Baptist 165.
Nicodemus 170.
Simon Peter 183.
Zaccheus 190.
Peter’s Denial 208.
Pontius Pilate, the Governor . 221.
Judas Iscariot 232.
Stephen 244.
Saul of Tarsus 256.
Paul and Barnabus 271.
Paul at Athens 284.
Gallio 292.
Paul before Felix 302.
Paul before Festus 312.
Paul at Melita 320.

With a Brief Memoir of Him by Manton Marble and a Portrait


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Problems with Total Depravity or Inability
examines the flaws and errors of the Calvinist teaching of Total Depravity (which is really total inability, man is not responsible for his own actions and sins, because he cannot choose sin or obeying God). This is a short article about this point of Calvinism.
The argument of the Calvinists breaks down completely when we examine the Bible and find examples of various individuals that did please God with their lives. Calvinists says that there is nothing at all that any person can do to please God. Yet God views our lives, and in the Bible, certain people did please God like Noah. Maybe the difference was Noah’s life was "better" than everybody's else's wicked lives, but even from that standpoint, God still acted greatly because of Noah's faith and daily relationship with God. When God saves you and your family and kills everybody else on planet earth, that means something.
The bottom line: Calvinism does not take into consideration the places where God looked with approval on various people's lives. Their "system" is fatally flawed, therefore. Good works never save anybody, we can affirm this as true. But the "bottom line" here is that God does approve and disapprove different people's lives. Salvation is only by faith in Jesus Christ the Savior. But what you are depends on what you do. God judges every person, even the elect, and He rewards them as such. Things that God dislikes, God chastises those in hell, for the saved, God causes the elect to lose some of their heavenly rewards for their sins, if not also causing them problems in earth before they die.
Problems with Total Depravity or Inability.