Kingsley, Charles – Town and Country Sermons

Town and Country Sermons

Chappell, Clovis G. – Sermons on Bible Characters

Bible Characters: Thomas, Jonah, Peter, Paul, Jonathan, The Woman of Sychar, Barnabas, Pharaoh, Jephthah, Elijah, the Philippian Jailer, Naomi, A Failure-the Busy Man, Jochebed, Manasseh, and a shrewd fool-the rich farmer.

Bellett, J.G. – Short Meditations on Elisha

Short Meditations on Elisha is a 19 chapter work on the life of Elisha examining various major events in the life of Elisha.

Unknown Maps of the Bible

These 128 maps are high-quality topographical maps full of historical information concerning various topics and accounts found in the bible.