Schweitzer – Quest of the historical Jesus

A Critical Study of its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede of what we know about Jesus.

A Critical Study of its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede of what we know about Jesus.

The Quest of the Historical Jesus

By Albert Schweitzer
Translated by W. Montgomery
From the First German Edition “Von Reimarus zu Wrede,” 1906.
With a Preface by F. C. Burkitt, D.D.
First English Edition, 1910.
Published in Great Britain by A. & C. Black, Ltd.
This Work is in the Public Domain. Copy Freely

Table of Contents of Schweitzer – Quest of the historical Jesus

1. The Problem 1
2. Hermann Samuel Reimarus 13
3. The Lives of Jesus of the Earlier Rationalism 27
4. The Earliest Fictitious Lives of Jesus 38
5. Fully Developed Rationalism – Paulus 48
6. The Last Phase of Rationalism – Hase and Schleiermacher 58
7. David Friedrich Strauss – The Man and his Fate 68
8. Strauss’s First “Life of Jesus” 78
9. Strauss’s Opponents and Supporters 96
10. The Marcan Hypothesis 121
11. Bruno Bauer 137
12. Further Imaginative Lives of Jesus 161
13. Renan 180
14. The “Liberal” Lives of Jesus 193
15. The Eschatological Question 223
16. The Struggle against Eschatology 242
17. Questions regarding the Aramaic Language, Rabbinic Parallels, and Buddhistic Influence 270
18. The Position of the Subject at the Close of the Nineteenth Century 294
19. Thoroughgoing Scepticism and Thoroughgoing Eschatology 330
20. Results 398


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