Mason Spiritual Treasury

Mason, W – Spiritual Treasury (vol 1&2).devotionals

Spiritual Treasury is a set of devotional works by Mason. Volume 1 and then Volume 2 are each a year devotional work.

Spiritual Treasury

Spiritual Treasury

(vol 1&2).devotionals
By W. Mason

Spiritual Treasury is a set of devotional works by Mason. Volume 1 and then Volume 2 are each a year devotional work.

Works by William Mason

Excerpt 1 January 2 from Spiritual Treasury

Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.- Joh 1:29.

Nothing can make poor sinners truly happy, but that which taketh away the cause of all misery, sin. This is effected. The Lamb of God hath taken away all sin, by his sacrifice for us. When, by the eye of faith, we behold this Lamb, then all sin is taken away out of our conscience. When a soul thinks, ‘Sin has condemned me before God; the law accuseth me daily; it works wrath in my conscience continually; and I am oft ready to cry out, O wretched that I am, who shall deliver me?’ Thanks be to God for a precious Redeemer. The Lamb, which God provided, hath done it for ever. All our iniquities were laid upon hSpiritual Treasuryim. “He bare it in his own body on the tree,” the sin, the whole of sin, every sin of all that shall believe in him, to the end of the world. By the sacrifice of himself he put all away, out of the sight of God, as one puts away an offensive thing. He bore it away into a land of forgetfulness, as a thing that is hurtful. So then saith God the Father, to all his children in Christ, “Your sins and your iniquities I will remember no more.”- Jer 31:34.

But one is often ready to say, How can this be true? for I daily see I am a sinner; the remembrance of sin is before me, in my thoughts; though, for a season, time may efface sin from my memory, yet it recurs afresh upon my conscience. It may, it will do so, O soul; and nothing can effectually take it away but this, “Behold the Lamb of God.” He taketh sin away now, this present moment, every moment: at what time soever thou beholdest Jesus by the eye of faith, all the sin which troubles thee, thou wilt see it laid on him, and he taketh it away from thee. O how sweet to have no more conscience of sin!

Continually to behold this Lamb of God, is life to our souls, and death to our sins. Sin cannot terrify with its guilt: sin cannot prevail in its power while the heart is looking to this Lamb of God, for he says, “Look unto me, and be saved.” Astonishing mystery! but this is God’s truth. Thus to behold, is to be happy. Thus to look, is to be holy. May this, O my soul, be thy daily employ below, till thou beholdest the Lamb in the midst of the throne above. Thanks to the gracious Father, for the gift of this precious Lamb; thanks to this holy Lamb for bearing and taking away sin; and thanks to the loving Spirit, for shewing this Lamb to poor sinners and ME-“God forbid I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.”- Gal 6:14.

If sin most vile to me appears,
What must th’ Omniscient see!
But, God beholds us in his Lamb,
From sin forever free.

This is the truth by which we live:
By Faith beholding Christ.
Our consciences from guilt are freed;
Then unbelief resist.

Excerpt 2 August 15 from Spiritual Treasury

Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied, and faint in your minds.- Heb 12:3.

Come, Christian, look up, look forward, and be of good courage. Though thy exercises are many, and thy conflicts great, though weary IN, yet grow not weary OF, the ways of the Lord. Verily, in due time we shall reap an harvest of eternal felicity, after all our present toil and labour. Faint not; continue to the end; persevere in the work of faith, labour of love, and patience of hope. The battle is the Lord’s; thy foes are all conquered; victory is obtained; the crown is held forth by thy conquering Lord. Press on. But alas! thou findest contradiction and opposition from every quarter, from within and from without: numerous are thy foes which rise up against thee; thy strength is small; thy power weak: most true; but know thy calling; study thy privilege; behold thy comforter holds forth a reviving cordial this day to thy drooping spirits: “lest thou be weary and faint in thy mind,” consider JESUS. Here is faith’s mystery, the Christian’s triumph: hence derive fresh life and vigour to thy fainting mind. Consider Jesus: in his divine nature, thy covenant GOD: in his human nature, thy redeeming brother: as God and man in one Christ JESUS, thy salvation; thy Almighty Saviour.

Consider Jesus in his innocent life, enduring contradiction of sinners against himself on thy account; fulfilling all righteousness for thee; that thou art perfectly righteous before God IN HIM. Consider Jesus, on the cross bearing thy sins; amidst taunts and jeers, while making atonement for thy transgressions. Consider Jesus entered into heaven, and appearing in the presence of God FOR us. Consider Jesus infinite in wisdom to know thy wants; infinite in love to sympathize with thee in all thy sorrow: infinite in power to support and strengthen thee under them: consider what infinite riches of grace he has in glory to supply all thy need.

O, consider the fulness of grace that dwells in him for needy sinners; live upon his fulness day by day, so as to receive out of his fulness grace for grace. Is it said “the blood of martyrs was the seed of the church”? Confident we are, the life and death, the blood and righteousness of Jesus are the life of our graces, the spring of our comforts, the support of our weary minds, and the only reviving cordials for our fainting spirits. Are we panting sinners at his footstool? Considering Jesus makes us joyful before his throne now, soon we shall stand eternally happy in his presence. Imitate the Father of the faithful; be not weak in faith; consider not thy own body, which is “dead because of sin. Know the Spirit is life, because of the righteousness of Jesus.”- Rom 8:10.


There two volumes, 1 and 2.

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