Bickersteth Spirit of Life

Bickersteth Spirit of Life

Bickersteth Spirit of Life

By Edward Henry Bickersteth

Edward Henry Bickersteth (25 January 1825 – 16 May 1906) was a bishop in the Church of England and he held the office of Bishop of Exeter between 1885 and 1900. More on

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Table of Contents of Bickersteth Spirit of Life

That of the Old Testament, in the Pentateuch and the book of Job, in the historical books, in the Psalms, and in the Prophets : it is a progressive revelation :
That of the New Testament, in the Gospels, in the Acts, in the Epistles, In the Apocalypse : this likewise progressive. pp. 13-3C.

CHAPTER II. The Distinct Personality of the Holy Spirit :
Not to be confounded with the Father or the Son, for Scripture reveals the simultaneous co-operation and manifestation of Three Infinite Agents:
Sometimes the term Spirit is used to signify the gifts or graces of the Spirit: these docs not disprove the Personality of the Holy Ghost; for, according to the Scriptures, He possesses such qualities as a person only can possess. He performs such actions as a person only can perform. He is capable of suffering such injuries as n person only can suffer. He is designated by masculine pronouns, though the noun Spirit is neuter.
pp. 37-49.

CHAPTER III. The Eternal Godhead of the Holy Spirit :
His attributes are the attributes of Godhead,
His acts are the actings of Godhead.
He is regarded and spoken of, as God, in Holy Writ.
He is associated with the Father and the Son in glory and worship. . pp. 50-70.

Chapter IV.—The Holy Spirit anointing the Son of Man :
Being one with tho Father and tho Son in the counsels of redemption ;
Fashioning the human body of the Saviour,
Besting upon Him without measure from His birth,
Openly descending upon Him at His baptism,
Strengthening Him in the temptation,
Enduing him as tho Prophet of His Church,
Enabling Him in His mighty works,
Anointing Him for His atoning sacrifice,
Quickening Him in His resurrection,
Vouchsafed to Him in the plenitude of Divine gifts after His ascension.
pp. 71-84.

Chapter V. The Spirit, the Author of Holy Scripture :
The oracles of God committed to Israel;
The testimony of Christ to the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms;
All alike Divinely inspired, though given in sundry portions and in divers manners.
The harmony of the Old and New Testaments,
The same proofs, which certified Israel of the inspiration of the Old Testament, certify us of that of the New Testament.
This inspiration promised by our Lord and claimed by His apostles.
It is compatible with the char human characteristics of the sacred writers, but incompatible with any error in the Scriptures, as first given to the Church :
The due place of biblical criticism :
This great gift of God we owe to the Holy Spirit.

Chapter VI. The Holy Spirit striving with the World :
He strove with the world before tho Flood :
He was resisted by Israel, as St. Stephen testifies.
Even in the case of those who finally repulse His grace
He may enlighten the understanding;
He may work strong convictions;
He may invite them to embrace the Gospel;
He may warn them and awaken alarm;
He may wound the heart hy Ilia word;
He may persuade them to effect an outward reformation.
Examples in Scripture of those convicted but not converted.
The Spirit may bd grieved, vexed, insulted, blasphemed.
Blasphemy of the Spirit, aud the sin unto death.
pp. 104-119.

Chapter VII. The Holy Spirit quickening the Soul to life:
The conversation of our Lord with Nicodemus:
Scripture designations fur the new birth of the soul :
The Spirit’s illumination of the understanding :
His saving conviction of Bin, righteousness, and judgment :
He brings the soul to self-despair and self-surrender:
He enables the contrite heart to pray:
He effectuates the obedience of faith:
He gives peace with God:
He sheds abroad the love of God in tho heart:
He awakens godly sorrow :
He leads the convert to confess Christ.
pp. 320-13!).

CHAPTER VIII. The Holy Spirit sanctifying the Believer :
Definition of sanctification : it is progressive.
Sanctification of the believer includes—
An ever-deepening knowledge of the things of God,
A growing delight in the heavenly duties of prayer and praise,
A more and more vigorous faith in the salvation of Christ,
A more entire submission of our will to the will of God,
A more, resolute crucifying of the flesh and a more earnest cultivation of the fruits of tire Spirit,
A readier willingness to serve and sutler for our Master here.
And a brighter prospect of reigning with Him forever.
On declensions and falls: tho Holy Spirit restoring the soul.
The seal of tho Spirit.
pp. 140-177.

Chapter IX. The issue ok the Holy Spirit’s work— In the everlasting kingdom,
In tire perfection of the glorified saint.
In the completion of the Elect Church,
In the new heavens and the new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.
pp. 178-192.

Bickersteth Spirit of Life

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