Baptist Authors

Baptist Authors

This work is an index or registry of all works by Baptists in our library. It is organized by author last name. Additionally, there is material on the general area of Baptists, as well as pertinent doctrinal observations about this group. Some authors and/or works have more detailed information about them.


The Baptist group is most probably represented by the early Anabaptists. Some, such as Baptist Briders or Landmarkers, try to make an apostolic succession like Catholicism, and I reject that. But I do call myself Baptist because I believe they have the clearest declaration of a position closest to the New Testament. I do not see Baptists as being exclusivists, i.e. only Baptists are correct doctrinally.


I would greatly like to say that everything written by Baptist authors is good. But I read after these Baptist authors, and although technically their doctrinal position is good, there are some problems. First of all, some Baptists are Baptists in name only and they go off on tangents to doctrinal positions and practices that are just not Baptist at all. While Baptists profess the priesthood of every believer, some Baptist pastors are just a minute cult where the congregation has to check with their pastor for every little detail of their life.

I would, in general, accept most Baptist works as good, but some (a few) of the writers are just kooky, most are basically good. I would also observe that, like any group, some individual authors may hold to positions or doctrinal positions that I would disagree with. Many of this would be differences where I would still call the person I am disagreeing with “brother” at the end of the day.

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