Fereday, W.W. – Josiah and Revival

This is an examination of Josiah’s revival.

Josiah and Revival

Josiah and Revival
By W W Fereday.

This is an examination of Josiah’s revival.

Contents of Josiah and Revival

The Child King
Many Gracious Revivals
Seeking the Lord
Israel’s “High Places”
The Land Purged and the House Repaired
Faithful in that which is Least
No Accounts Kept!
The Book of the Law Found
“Thine Heart was Tender”
Huldah’s Solemn Message
A Fresh Covenant
From Dan to Beersheba
Josiah at Bethel
Three Wrecked Lives
The Great Passover
Sad Megiddo!
The Wreck of the Kingdom


Jehovah’s Passover


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