Bradford, John – Godly Meditations

Bradford, John – Godly Meditations

Godly Meditations upon the Lord’s Prayer, the Belief, and the Commandments, with other Comfortable Meditations, Prayers, and Exercises by the constant Martyr of God, John Bradford, in the Time of his Imprisonment *


Of the Lord’s Prayer *
Upon the Twelve Articles of the Christian Faith *
Upon the Commandments *
A Meditation concerning Prayer, with a brief paraphrase upon the Petitions of the Lord’s Prayer *
Another Paraphrase or Meditation upon the Lord’s Prayer *
A Meditation on the coming of Christ to Judgement, and of the Rewards both of the Faithful and Unfaithful *
A Meditation concerning the Sober usage both of the Body and Pleasures in this Life *
Another Meditation to the Same Effect *

A Meditation for the Exercise of our Mortification *
A Godly Meditation and Instruction on the Providence of God towards Mankind *
A Meditation of the Presence of God *
A Meditation of God’s Power, Beauty, Goodness, &c. *
A Meditation on Death, and the Advantages it brings *
A Godly Meditation upon the Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ *


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