Chitwood, Arlen L (1989) – Olivet Discourse

The Olivet Discourse

By Arlen Chitwood (1989)


Matthew 24-25
Foreword & Introduction

Jewish Section
I. The Time, Sign (24:1-3)
II. The Beginning of Sorrows (24:4-8)
III. Then… (24:9-14)
IV. In the Holy Place (24:15, 16a)
V. The Great Tribulation (24:16-22)
VI. False Christs and False Prophets (24:23-26)
VII. The Lord’s Return (24:27-31)

Christian Section
VIII. The Fig Tree (24:32-36)
IX. So Shall It Be (24:37-39)
X. One Taken, Another Left (24:40-44)
XI. The Householder and His Servant (24:45-51)
XII. The Wise and the Foolish (25:1-4)
XIII. The Midnight Cry (25:5, 6)
XIV. Go Ye Out to Meet Him (25:7-9)
XV. The Door Was Shut (25:10-13)
XVI. To Receive a Kingdom (25:14)
XVII. Delegated Responsibility (25:14-18)
XVIII. And to Return (25:19)
XIX. Thou Good, Faithful Servant (25:20-23)
XX. Thou Wicked, Slothful Servant (25:24-29)
XXI. Cast Outside (25:30)

Gentile Section
XXII. The King of Glory (25:31-33)
XXIII. Those on His Right Hand (25:34-40)
XIV. Those on His Left Hand (25:41-46)
XV. Conclusion




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