Plumer William The Christian

Plumer William The Christian

Plumer William The Christian


By William S. Plumer, 1878

“The Christian is a delightful and encouraging work, describing twenty-seven facets of the Christian experience. Altogether, it is an excellent, succinct presentation on what it means to be a Christian. This treatise could serve the believer well as a daily devotional as well as an evangelistic tool to explain the experiential life of a Christian to the inquiring unbeliever.” Joel Beeke.

Table of Contents for Plumer William The Christian

Part One

1. The Christian Name

2. The Christian Profession

3. The Christian Life

4. The Christian Doctrine

5. The Christian Character—an Example

6. The Christian Simplicity

7. The Christian’s Way

8. The Christian’s Temptations

9. The Christian’s Victory over Temptations

10. The Christian’s Views of Sin

11. The Christian’s Besetting Sins

12. The Christian’s Sense of Responsibility

13. The Christian’s Faith

14. Why Do I Rest Confidently in Christ?

15. The Christian’s Hope

Part Two

16. The Christian’s Trust

17. A Christian’s Good Resolutions

18. The Christian Lives by Rule

19. The Christian’s Enemies

20. The Christian’s Shepherd

21. The Christian’s Advocate

22. The Christian’s Earnest

23. The Christian’s Joy

24. The Christian’s Sorrow

25. The Christian’s Sorrow—more about it

26. The Christian’s Hatred of Error

27. The Christian’s Glorious Riches

28. Some Musings of an Old Christian

29. What Can I Do?

30. Posthumous Usefulness


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