Sermons for the New Year

Sermons for the New Year

Sermons for the New Year

by Multiauthors (including Charles Spurgeon, George Whitefield, and Samuel Davies)

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Getting People Really Saved.
The one true objective that takes priority over all other objectives is the gospel. If our people are not saved, nothing else will matter as much. This article in investigates the question of not explaining clearly the plan of salvation and those who are witnessed to not understanding the plan of salvation.
Topics: Overview | Jesus Taught us of the Existence of "Tares" | Evangelism is very important, but also INSIDE THE CHURCH | Essentials in Fruit Production. (1) Bible reading/studying. (2) A Biblical sound local church. (3) Solid Expositional Teaching. (4) Exposure to real prayer power. | Harmful Elements: (1) False teaching. (2) Sinful conduct by supposedly good Christians. (3) Sins and crises that distract and disable a person's Christian life.
Read the tract: Getting People Really Saved.