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Rossier, H.L. – Meditations on Ezra

Commentary on Ezra by H L Rossier was a Brethren writer and Commentator.

Meditations on Ezra

Meditations on Ezra
By H.L. Rossier

Commentary on Ezra


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Identifying a False Prophet (updated)
1. How to Identify a False Prophet
2. How to Figure out when you got a Wolf by the Tail
3. Purpose of these studies
4, We can discern a false prophet by:
---His fruit - What he does or produces by his life and ministry.
---His methods - How he does what he does.
---His Character - What he is, or what is in his heart (as seen by the outworking of his life).

5. Final Exhortation
6, More Posts on False Prophets
7, More Posts on Spiritual Abuse and Cults
This index page has links to more than 30+ studies on false prophets and cults, spiritual abuse.
By Pastor David Cox email: [email protected]