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Plumer, William S. – Grace of Christ

Plumer’s work, the Grace of Christ, deals with various aspects of our salvation such as regeneration, justification, sanctification, and other issues related to these.

Grace of Christ

Grace of Christ
By William S. Plumer

Plumer’s work, the Grace of Christ, deals with various aspects of our salvation such as regeneration, justification, sanctification, and other issues related to these.

Table of Contents from the Grace of Christ

CHOICE QUOTES from the Grace of Christ
1. Introduction
2. All men are sinners
3. Sin is a great evil
4. How the pious regard sin in themselves and in others
5. The heart of man is all wrong
6. Wicked men are like devils
7. Man is utterly helpless
8. Without divine grace, men can do nothing but sin
9. The corruption of man is hereditary
10. Men are guilty. Imputation of Adam’s sin. Actual sins
11. Self-righteousness is worthless. Man needs a Savior
12. The true notion of grace
13. The properties of grace—it is free, sufficient, unselfish, rich in blessings
14. God’s grace is also of great antiquity, sovereign and distinguishing
15. God’s purpose of grace
16. God’s Word teaches the Doctrines of Grace; the Fathers
17. What the martyrs taught; the reformers; other godly men
18. The grace of Christ–like that of the Father and the Spirit
19. No salvation but by a Redeemer, and no Redeemer but Christ
20. The constitution of Christ’s Person; His Grace therein
21. The Work and Sufferings of Christ; His active and passive obedience
22. The Death of Christ; the Atonement
23. Justification before God
24. Justification—the pardon of sin by Christ’s blood
25. Justification—Acceptance in Christ
26. Justification—Christ’s Righteousness is imputed to believers
27. Justification—Imputed Righteousness; Additional Testimonies
28. The office of faith in justification
29. Why good works are necessary
30. Regeneration
31. Sanctification
32. Sanctification, continued
33. Relative duties
34. Temptation
35. The power of divine grace to console
36. Afflictions of the righteous; Sayings; Promises
37. The righteous shall hold on his way
38. The brevity of human life
39. The believer’s victory over death—the Martyrs
40. The believer’s victory over death—other Examples
41. The believer’s victory over death, continued
42. The immortality of the soul
43. The happy state of God’s people immediately after death
44. The resurrection of life
45. The final judgment
46. Eternal glory
47. All honor is due to Christ
48. Christians long to see Jesus
49. The danger of rejecting salvation
50. The wonders of grace will never cease
51. The offers of free grace are to all indiscriminately
52. The doctrine of free grace is safe and reforms sinners
53. The Conclusion—An offer of life made to the perishing


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Seven Marks of a Good Sermon
quote from article - "A good sermon has a "take-away" thought(s), and this is what we should leave the building with to change our lives spiritually to make us more like Christ. If a sermon teaches me how to be like Christ, with an application of the information about the Bible in it, and an exhortation to my soul to change, then it probably is a good sermon. But the preacher who has lost the point of every preaching exercise HAS TO HAVE the purpose to spiritually change the lives of the audience, is not a good preacher nor does he produce good sermons."