Talmage, T. De Witt – 500 Selected Sermons

500 Selected Sermons is a work of 500 selected sermons from the great preacher T. De Witt Talmage, a contemporary of Spurgeon.

Talmage, T. De Witt – 500 Selected Sermons

Talmage, T. De Witt – 500 Selected Sermons

Thomas De Witt Talmage was one of the great orators of his day, with a style, tone, and pattern of speaking that was without equal on either side of the Atlantic. Often compared to George Whitfield and Charles Spurgeon, he spoke extemporaneously, without even an outline. Possessing a natural rhythmic or poetical nature, his speech was reminiscent of Shakespeare and Milton.

These sermons were published weekly in 3,000 newspapers. It’s been said that 30,000 people were saved as a result of his ministry, although it’s impossible to know how this was calculated.

Spurgeon said: “Mr. Talmage’s discourses lay hold of my inmost soul. The Lord is with this mighty man of valor. So may he ever be till the campaign closes with victory! I am indeed glad of his voice. It cheers me intensely. He loves the Gospel, and believes in something, which some preachers hardly do. There are those who use the old labels, but the articles are not the same. May the Lord win armies of souls to Jesus by this man! I am astonished when God blesses me, but somehow I should not be so surprised if He blessed this man.”

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About Thomas De Witt Talmage

Thomas De Witt Talmage was an American Presbyterian preacher, born at Bound Brook, New Jersey; his older brother was noted China missionary John Van Nest Talmage. He was educated at the University of the City of New York (now New York University) and at the Reformed Dutch Theological Seminary at New Brunswick, New Jersey, from which he was graduated in 1856.

Immediately afterwards, he became pastor of a Reformed church at Belleville, New Jersey. In 1859 he removed to Syracuse, New York; in 1862 to Philadelphia, where he was pastor of the Second Reformed Dutch Church; and in 1869 to the Central Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, where a large building known as the Tabernacle was erected for him in 1870.

In 1872, this building was burned down. A larger one, holding 5000 persons, was built in 1873, but even this could not contain the crowds attracted by his eloquence and sensationalism. In 1889 this church also burned to the ground, only to be succeeded by another and larger one, which in its turn was burned in 1894. Shortly afterwards he removed to Washington, D.C., where from 1895 to 1899 he was the associate pastor, with Dr Byron Sunderland (d. 1901), of the First Presbyterian Church.
He served as a chaplain for the Union Army during the American Civil War.

During the last years of his life, Dr. Talmage ceased preaching and devoted himself to editing, writing, and lecturing. At different periods he was editor of the Christian at Work (1873-76), New York; the Advance (1877-79), Chicago; Frank Leslie’s Sunday Magazine (1879-89), New York; and the Christian Herald (1890-1902), New York. For years his sermons were published regularly in more than 3,000 journals, reaching, it is said, 25,000,000 readers.


The Pomology of the Bible; or, God Among the Orchards
The Ichthyology of the Bible; or, God Among the Fishes
One Week’s Work
The Number Seven
The First Woman
Organ Dedication
The Fatal Line
A Broad Gospel
The Shut-In
Hunting for Souls
Which Church?
Midnight Exploration
A Fearful Conflagration
Hagar in the Wilderness
Isaac Rescued
Machpelah: Or. Easter Thoughts
Duties of Husbands to Wives
Struggle and Victory
The American Sheaf
Next to the Throne
A Bloody Monster
Life Insurance a Duty
Corn-Crib of Egypt
The Lad’s Life
The Old Folks’ Visit
A Delicate Question
Return From the Chase

Sisters and Brothers
The Sheik’s Daughter
The Plague of Corrupt Literature
The Finger of God
The Plague of Narcotics
Moral Character of Candidates
The Conchology of the Bible; or, God Among the Shells
Abolition of Sunday
The Golden Calf
The Ballot-Box
The Gospel Looking-Glass

An Obnoxious Diet
Sprinkled and Cleansed

Among the Bedouins

The Giant’s Bedstead
Half a Planet
The Hornet’s Mission
The Christ-Land
Spiritualism an Imposture
Martyrdom at Lucknow
Dominion of Fashion
The Chronology of the Bible; or, God Among the Centuries
The Drowned Lads

Triumph All the Way
The Scarlet Rope
The Jordanic Passage
Corn in Place of Manna
The Uses of Stratagem
A Wedding Present
The Old Homestead

A Summer-House Tragedy
Shamgar’s Ox-Goad
Where’s Mother?
The Broken Pitchers
Stormed and Taken
Broken Promises of Marriage
Massacre of the Innocents
Concerning Bigots
Brawn and Muscle
The Choice of a Wife
The Shears of Delilah
Mightier Dead Than Alive

The Choice of a Husband
Orpha’s Retreat
The Beautiful Gleaner
Employers and Employees
A Brooding God

1 Samuel
The Christian Mother
Parental Mistakes
The Stolen Grindstones
Rocks of Trouble
Forbidden Honey
Harp and Javelin
The Vacant Chair
Worldly Marriages
Duties of Wives to Husbands
The Bundle of Life
Garrison Duty
Stripping the Slain

2 Samuel
A Leader Fallen
Club-Houses, Good and Bad
A Righteous Judge
The Geology of the Bible; or, God Among the Rocks
Recognition in Heaven
A New Census
Safety for Young Men
The King’s Ferry-Boat
Peter Cooper, the Philanthropist
Rizpah On the Rock
The Cloudless Morning
A Tight Grip

1 Kings
Surprises of Religion
A Queen in Disguise
The Battle for Bread
Wifely Ambition; Good and Bad

2 Kings
Fountains Purified
The Sun-Struck Child
Autumnal Salutation
Sickness in the Mansion
The Upper Forces
Jehu, the Swift Driver
The Drunkard’s Woe
The Heart
Rescue of a King
A Cavalry Charge
The Cry of Armenia
The Dying Century
The Nation Kneeling
The Sundial of Ahaz

1 Chronicles
A Snowy Day
Cradle of the Twentieth Century
Superfluities a Hindrance
Two Decades—1864 and 1884

2 Chronicles
The Spicery of Religion
Benediction For Doctors

The Midnight Horseman
Music in Worship

Tomb and Temple
Hunger in India
Vashti the Queen
The Times We Live In
Victoria’s Jubilee
Haman Hanged

Satan On His Travels
Would You Live Life Over Again?
Corn Husking Time
The Age of Swindle
Gospel Alkali
Exasperating Comforters
Narrow Escapes
Why Are Satan and Sin Permitted?
Hissed Off the Stage
A Brilliant Religion
The Sculpture of the Bible; or, God Amid the Coral-Reefs
The Mission of the Frost
The Arctic Martyrs
Illumined Clouds
Chant at the Corner-Stone
The Snow
Parentage of the Shower
The Horse and His Rider
The Lightning of the Sea

The Monarch of Books
A Helpful Religion
Banners Hoisted
The Good Shepherd
Alleviations of War
Thanksgiving Day
The Deer Hunt
The Ivory Palaces
Dark Sayings On a Harp
The Folly of Infidelity
Heavy Loads
The Lachrymatory
Enemies Overthrown
Silver Wings
The Song of the Drunkards
From Ocean to Ocean
Captious Criticism
A Seraphic Diet
The Place of Thunder
A Tale Told; or, the Passing Years
The Ear
The Eye
Equipage of Cloud
Song of Birds
Across Mount Lebanon
The Dead Sea and the Jordan
Before They Adjourn
Say So
The Dangers of Pessimism
Christ the Song
Settled in Heaven
The Laughter of the Bible
Jerusalem the Golden
The City of Blood
Cheer for the Disheartened
The Cold

Traps for Men
The Voices of the Street
The Termini of Two City Roads
Slaughter of Young Men
The Gospel of Health
Rubies Surpassed
Clandestine Marriage
Treatment of Parents
Midnight Exploration
Good Game Wasted
Ruinous Company
Women of America
How to Make Friends
Buyers and Sellers
Doings in Wall Street
Astray: How to Get Back
The Power of Kindness
Spiders in Palaces

The Generations
Hydraulics in Palestine
The Human Face
A Dead Lion
Posthumous Opportunity
A Filial Tribute
The World Insufficient

Song of Solomon
Noontide of Life
The Bird Anthem
Pillars of Smoke
The Decoration of Graves
A Supernal Garden
The Floral Gospel
The Queens of Home
Beauty and Strength

Divine Mission of Art
Costume and Morals
The Six Wings
The Lord’s Razor
Henry W. Grady
Magnetism of Christ
Bricks Without Straw
The Gospel of the Pyramids
Midnight Exploration
The Strong Swimmer
A Favored Nation
The East Wind
Threshed Out
Disabled Hunters
The Sword: Its Mission and Its Doom
The King’s Highway
The Nation’s Woe
Crooked Things
The Circle
A Hard Life
The Sword Sheathed in Flowers
A Poor Investment
The Bare Arm of God
The Royal Exile
Lost Sheep
Distribution of Rewards
Gates of Carbuncle
A Momentous Quest
Blessings of Short Life
A Joyful Sabbath
Isle of Palms
Voices of Nature
Alexander H. Stephens
The Bride of Nations
Pageantry of the Woods
A Motherly God

Splendors of Orthodoxy
The Swelling of Jordan
A New Year’s Discourse
Meanness of Infidelity

Is Life Worth Living

Employments of Heaven
A Vision of Heaven
A Craze of the Times
The Echoes
The Chain of Influences
Off for Nazareth
Midnight Exploration
The Mission of the Wheel
Wing and Hand
Nests in the Cedar
Christianity As a Delusion
Save the Cities
The World’s Fair
Business Troubles
Sailing Up the Nile
The Nation’s Opportunity

The College Student
A King Eating Grass
The Midnight Revel
Windows Toward Jerusalem
Politics and Religion
The Three Greatest Things to Do
Human Constellations

The Dumb Prayer Answered

Wonders of Disaster and Blessing

Conjugal Harmony
Palaces of India
The Pleiades and Orion
Plumb-Line Religion
The Astronomy of the Bible; or, God Among the Stars
Victory for God

Hard Rowing
The Gardens of the Sea

A Glorious Rest
Foes of Society

A Railway Accident
Two Thousandth Publication

Master of the Situation
Storming the Heights
Religious Journalism
The Great Editor
A Bright Evening

Mighty Awakening

Shadows and Sunshine on the Cradle
The Better Heathenism
The Star
The Babe’s Escape.
Mending Nets
The Ornithology of the Bible; or, God Among the Birds
The Critics Doom
Labor and Capital
Slanders Against the Bible
Surgery Without Pain
The Unpardonable Sin
Social Dissipation
The Panacea
As I well know by experience on Lake Galilee, one hour all may be calm, and the next ho…
Contrary Winds
Midnight Exploration
Easy Divorce
Martyrs of the Needle
Divine Satire
Winter and How to Meet It
Rewards for the Dull
Welcome and Dismissal
Destitution in Ireland
The Poor Always
High License the Monopoly of Abomination
What to Do with Jesus
Pilate’s Wash-Basin

Our Sail On Lake Galilee
The Tempest Hushed
Harbor of Home
Sensitiveness of Christ
Summer Temptations
Profit and Loss
The Dumb Devil
One Taking Off

The Manger
The Sky Anthem
Among the Holy Hills
The Broken Net; or, Objection to Revivals
My Creed
An Only Son
Domestic Life
Embarrassed About Religion
Thumbscrews or Toleration
The Coming Sermon
Divine Chirography
Must the Chinese Go?
Midnight Exploration
In Stirrups to Jericho
Have a Home
Martyrs of the Kitchen
Sparrows Divinely Fed
The Botany of the Bible; or, God Among the Flowers
Points of Compass
Full Chalices
Kind Compulsion
The Assassination
Heavenly Congratulations
The Fast Young Man
The Kiss of Welcome
Decoration of the Soul
Home Again
The Pouting Son
Common Sense in Religion
Pulpit and Press
The Publican’s Prayer
The Three Crosses
Aromatics for Easter
Washington for God

An Oriental Wedding
The Glorious Christ
Literature of the Dust
Revision of Creeds
The House On the Hills
Harvest Home
Cloaks for Sin
The Capstone
What Were You Made For?
Sour Experiences
The Decorated Grave
New Lessons
The Field of Blood

The Sun Put Out
The Witness-Stand
Vice of Speech
Words with Young Men
Words with Young Women
The Crusade of Demons
The Heavens Opened
The City of Damascus
Our Own Generation
Behind the Counter
Question of Questions
The Acropolis
Reservation of America
The Democracy of Religion
The Burning Books
The Temple of Diana
The Gospel Archipelago
Despotism of Politics
Unsafe Life-Boats
Broken Pieces of the Ship
A Sea-Hurricane
Gratitude and Hopefulness
The Three Taverns

Sympathy for the Greeks
The Colosseum
Divine Evolution
The Sin of Gossip
Expurgation of the Scriptures
The Perfect Example
The Hero of the Ages
A Passion for Souls
Is He Only a Man?
Business Life
How to Treat Company
The Day Dawn
Unoccupied Fields
Ordinary People

1 Corinthians
The Coming Glory
The Balance-Sheet
The Ransomed
Amusements, Good and Bad
The Dramatic Element
Every-Day Religion
Epidemic of Strikes
Wonders of the Hand
Arousing Considerations
The Queen of Festivals
Why He Said It

2 Corinthians
The Judgment
Divinity Impoverished
The Sinking Steamer
Paul in a Basket
Were the Prayers for President Garfield a Failure

Second Day in Palestine
The Presidency

Infidelity Answered
Forgiveness Before Sundown
Husbands and Wives
The Wrestlers

“What Is in a Name?”
May-Day Reflections

1 Timothy
The Glorious Gospel
Prayer for Rulers
The Go-Between
Ante-Mortem Religion
Woman’s Happiness
The Guess of Evolution

2 Timothy
The Grandmother
A Scroll of Heroes
From Dungeon to Palace


The Art of Forgetting
Suffering for Others
The Saving Look

Shams in Religion
Heroes of the Navy

1 Peter
The Precious Christ
The Busybody

2 Peter
International Defamation
The New Earth; or, the World As It Will Be

1 John
On Trial

Snowy Locks of Christ
Live Churches
The Wide-Open Door
Music in Heaven
The Doxologies
Ministry of Tears
Thirty Minutes in Heaven
The Star Wormwood
Evangelism Vindicated
Midnight Exploration
America for God
National Ruin
Last Decade of the Century
Christ’s March Through the Centuries
The Grand Review
Improvements in Heaven
The Precious Stones of the Bible; or, God Among the Amethysts
Twelve Entrances

500 Selected Sermons


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