Ames, William – Marrow of Sacred Divinity v2

This is a large older theology by Ames, on the essence (Marrow) of a Spiritual life.

The Marrow of Sacred Divinity

By William Ames

This is a large older theology by Ames, on the essence (Marrow) of a Spiritual life.


A Brief Premonition or forewarning of the author touching the reason of his purpose. To the Reader.
Table of Definitions

Chapter 1.  Of the Definition or Nature of Divinity
Chapter 2.  Of the Distribution or parts of Divinity
Chapter 3.  Of Faith.
Chapter 4.  Of God, and his Essence.
Chapter 5.  Of the Subsistence of God.
Chapter 6.  Of the Efficiency of God.
Chapter 7.  Of the Decree and Counsel of God.
Chapter 8.  Of Creation.
Chapter 9.  Of Providence.
Chapter 10.  Of Special Gubernation about intelligent Creatures.
Chapter 11.  Of Man’s Apostasy, or Fall.
Chapter 12.  Of the consequences of Sin.
Chapter 13.  Of Original Sin.
Chapter 14.  Of Actual Sin.
Chapter 15.  Of Corporal Death.
Chapter 16.  Of the Consummation of Death.
Chapter 17.  Of the Propagation of Sin.
Chapter 18.  Of the Person of Christ, the Mediator
Chapter 19.  Of the Office of Christ
Chapter 20.  Of Satisfaction.
Chapter 21.  Of the Life of Christ being humbled.
Chapter 22.  Of the Death of Christ.
Chapter 23.  Of the Exaltation of Christ.
Chapter 24.  Of the Application of Christ.
Chapter 25.  Of Predestination
Chapter 26.  Of Calling.
Chapter 27.  Of Justification.
Chapter 28.  Of Adoption.
Chapter 29.  Of Sanctification.
Chapter 30.  Of Glorification.
Chapter 31.  Of the Church mystically considered.
Chapter 32.  Of the Church Instituted.
Chapter 33.  Of the Extraordinary Ministers of the Church.
Chapter 34.  Of the Holy Scripture.
Chapter 35.  Of ordinary Ministers, and their Office in Preaching.
Chapter 36.  Of the Sacraments.
Chapter 37.  Of Ecclesiastical Discipline.
Chapter 38.  Of the Administration of the Covenant of Grace before the coming of Christ.
Chapter 39.  Of the Administration of the Covenant from Christ to the end of the World.
Chapter 40.  Of Baptism and the Supper of the Lord.
Chapter 41.  To the end of the World.


Chapter 1.  Of Observance in General
Chapter 2.  Of Virtue.
Chapter 3.  Of Good Works.
Chapter 4.  Of Religion.
Chapter 5.  Of Faith. First Commandment: You shall have no other gods before me.
Chapter 6.  Of Hope.
Chapter 7.  Of Charity.
Chapter 8.  Of Hearing the Word.
Chapter 9.  Of Prayer.
Chapter 10.  Of an Oath.
Chapter 11.  Of a Lot.
Chapter 12.  Of Tempting God.
Chapter 13.  Of Instituted worship. Second Commandment: You shall make no graven image
Chapter 14.  Of the manner of Divine worship. Third Commandment: You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain
Chapter 15.  Of the time of worship. Fourth Commandment: Remember the Sabbath
Chapter 16.  Of Justice and Charity toward our neighbour.The Second Tablet: Justice and Charity
Chapter 17.  Of the honour of our Neighbour. Fifth Commandment: Honour your Father and Mother
Chapter 18.  Of humanity toward our Neighbour. Sixth Commandment: You shall not Murder
Chapter 19.  Of Chastity. Seventh Commandment: You shall not commit Adultery
Chapter 20.  Of Commutative Justice. Eighth Commandment: You shall not Steal
Chapter 21.  Of telling Truth. Veracity. Ninth Commandment: You shall not bear false witness
Chapter 22.  Of Contentment. Tenth Commandment: You shall not Covet


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