Philpot J.C. – Contemplations & Reflections

Contemplations & Reflections
by J. C. Philpot

Communion with God
Name and Fame
Religion, in some shape or other
All the devil’s tricks!
The call and qualifications for the ministry
Countless treasures!
Christian giving
The Work of the Holy Spirit
Experimental Preaching
Doctrinal Preaching
The Two Natures in a Believer
Disease & Remedy
The depth of the fall
The experience of a believer
The grace of God
The Sovereignty of God
Personal revival of the soul
The incomprehensible of God
The love of Jesus for His people
The treasures of Divine truth
Before we can read to our soul’s profit
In this world of ours
Hidden wisdom
Unity and Diversity
Figures & Metaphors of Scripture
Hymns & Sacred Poetry
Unfulfilled Prophecy
Education of children
The Song of Solomon
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Dying words
The use of commentaries
Roman Catholicism
The Church of England
The ministry of the day
Walking with God
A divine religion
The will of Christ
Unity & Diversity
The man and his ministry
The dead profession of the day
Mere notional knowledge
Truth & Error
Attacks on Biblical Truths
Enduring monuments
Books which will never die
Bring the books too
Religious news
The ways and dealings of God
The precepts of God’s Word
A miracle of grace
Sunday Schools
The work of the ministry
A minister should not to be too sensitive


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