Bonar, Horatius – Light and Truth v5 (Revelation)

Bonar’s work on the book of Revelation is called Light and Truth version 5.

Light and Truth v5
Commentary on Revelation

Light and Truth v5
By Horatius Bonar

Bonar’s work on the book of Revelation is called Light and Truth version 5.

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CONTENTS for Light and Truth

1. The Book Of The Last Days.
2. The Grace And Peace Of The Three-One God.
3. The Chief Among Ten Thousand.
4. The Great Advent.
5. The Fullness Of The God-Man.
6. The Voice From Patmos To The Churches.
7. The Seven Golden Lamps.
8. The Glory Of The Son Of Man.
9. Fear And Its Remedy.
10. The Symbolic Sevens.
11. Watchman, What Of The Night?
12. Self-Denial Christianity.
13. First Love Left.
14. Paradise And The Tree Of Life.
15. The Divine Food Of Our Heavenly Life.
16. The Morning Star.
17. The Fullness Of The Holy Ghost.
18. The Key Of David.
19. The Church’s Little Strength, And The Lord’s Great Love.
20. The Philadelphian Conqueror.
21. The Charity Of The Lord Jesus.
22. The Heavenly Merchant And His Goods.
23. The Love And The Discipline.
24. Christ’s Loving Earnestness.
25. The Victory And The Crown.
26. Glory To The Glorious One.
27. The Weakness And The Power Of Christ.
28. How Long?
29. The Recompense Of Martyrdom.
30. Pent-Up Judgment.
31. The Great Multitude.
32. The Earthly And The Heavenly.
33. The All-Fragrant Incense.
34. The Cross Of The Lord Jesus.
35. Strangership And Pilgrimage.
36. The Heavenly Song Of Victory.
37. The Blood Of The Covenant.
38. The Church Dwelling Alone.
39. The Model Of A Holy Life.
40. The Everlasting Gospel.
41. The Swift And Sudden Advent.
42. The One Witness And The One Testimony.
43. The Great Prophetic Burden.
44. Messiah’s Many Crowns.
45. The First Resurrection.
46. The Great White Throne.
47. Death And The Grave.
48. The Vision Of The Restitution Of All Things.
49. God’s Tabernacle On Earth.
50. The Coming Of The Perfect, And The Departure Of The Imperfect.
51. The New Things Of God.
52. The Conqueror’s Reward And The Coward’s Doom.
53. The Glorious Bride.
54. The Holy City.
55. The Light Of The New Jerusalem.
56. The Life River.
57. The Tree With Its Twelve Harvests.
58. The Serving And The Reigning.
59. The Curse Cancelled, And The Kingdom Begun.
60. The Vision Of God.
61. Entrance Into The City.
62. Come, O Saviour! Come, O Sinner!
63. The Divine Word And The Doom Of Its Defacers.
64. The Free Love Of Christ.
65. The Last Amen.


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