Orr Food for Lambs

Orr – Food for Lambs

Orr Food for Lambs is a 52 chapter work of short devotional type “bites” that are excellent for new believers and old alike.

Orr Food for Lambs is a 52 chapter work of short devotional type “bites” that are excellent for new believers and old alike.

Food for Lambs

By Charles E. Orr

Food for Lambs
Helps for Young Christians
Feeding the Lambs
Christ’s Lambs
Food for the Lambs
On Fruit Bearing
A Gazingstock
The Will
God Our Guide
Seek First the Kingdom
A Theater
Rest of the Soul
Happiness of Life
The Hidden Life
Consciousness of God’s Presence
Love of Home
The First Love
The Little Foxes
Spiritual Declension
On Dress

The Elixir of Life
Rules for Everyday Life
A Holy Life
A Solitary Way
Stirring the Eagle’s Nest
Some Things You Should Not Do
Means for Growth
Lay Hold on Eternal Life
Crucifixion of Self
Love Not the World
Have a Care
The Guardian Angel
Fledging the Wings
The Precious Ointment
The Tree of Life
Nearer to Thee
Closing Exhortation


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Sample Chapter Rest of the Soul

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”* Wonderful words of love and hope! Never did a sweeter nor richer invitation than this reach mortal ears. A whole world of humankind groaning under a burden, tossing in unrest, laboring under pain, sighing with sorrow, roaming in discontent, filled with fear, sinking in despair. But One appears upon the scene and says, “Come unto me… and I will give you rest.” Oh, may the humble followers of the lowly Nazarene echo and reecho this invitation of love among the haunts of men as long as time shall last! Amid a world of sin and trouble, a soul at rest; how blessed!

You remember the day you came to Him. Your sins with all the burden of guilt were taken away and you found rest. Later you dedicated yourself fully and forever to the Lord and entered into the fullness of His rest. Canaan’s fair land is the soul’s sweet home of rest. What heaven will be we cannot know now. Doubtless scenes and experiences will arise of such a nature as to greatly enhance the felicity of our hearts; but the revelation of heaven upon a sanctified soul and

The enjoyment of heavenly bliss
E’en in a world like this”

can never be told. Storms will arise and threaten you; but if the cable of faith remains unbroken and the anchor of hope unshaken, your little bark can sail on sweetly at rest. Doubts are very destructive to soul-rest; therefore they must be dispelled at their first approach. By faith your soul can be kept in the precious realization of heavenly enjoyments; you can have sweet walks with God and tastes of His love all along your journey of life. By living in the vale of humble submission to God, fully and freely yielded to His control, upon your soul the sweets of heaven’s graces will be distilled like the gentle siftings of the evening dew upon the flower, transporting you to wondrous felicity in God all along your pilgrim way.

Behold the fowls of the air:
They sow not, neither do they reap;

Yet kings have not more healthful fare,
Nor rest in calmer, sweeter sleep.

They have no barns nor hoarded grain,
Yet all day long a soft, sweet strain

They warble forth from forest tree;
Ever happy and ever free,

Teaching a lesson dear to me.
So free from care, O sylvan band;

Fed by a heavenly Father’s hand.
Your freedom, O ye fowls of heaven,

New courage to my soul hath given;
I no more can doubt or sorrow:

God will care for me tomorrow.
Behold the lilies how they grow:

They toil not neither do they spin;
Yet kings in all their pomp and show

Are not arrayed like one of them;
Smiling and free in breezes sway,

Yet clothed by heavenly hand are they.
Meek lilies of the quiet fields,

Your growth instruction to me yields.
The One who clothes the lily fair

And gives it tender, earnest care—
Will He not hear my fervent prayer?

The One who notes the sparrow’s fall—
Does He not love His creatures all?

If He so clothes each tuft and tree
And gives the birds such liberty,

Will He not clothe and care for me?
I no more can doubt or sorrow:

God will care for me tomorrow.
“A merry heart hath a continual feast.”*

It is the will of God that you be always happy.

If you are not contented with such things as you have, you would not be contented had you ever so much.

Those who are always contented and happy are a most gracious contribution from God to a discontented world.

This sin-darkened world is dotted here and there by beautiful Christian lives, which are to the world’s weary wastes what the oasis is to the parched desert.

The Christian has the blessed privilege of proving to a covetous, discontented world that man can by the grace of God be contented under the most adverse circumstances.

Oftentimes people conclude that they would be happy if their surrounding circumstances were different. True happiness consists not so much in the environments, as in the dispositions of the heart.

After a day of labor, what a pleasure it is to meet at home the warmth of hearts we love! After a life of toil, what will be the pleasure of meeting all the loved in heaven?

I am told that the language of the Algonquin Indians of North America contained no word from which to translate the word love. When the English missionaries translated the Bible into that language they were obliged to coin a word for love. What must be a language without love? And what must be the heart!

The Christian out upon life’s sea can, by faith, hope, and love, weather the wildest storm that ever the winds of adversity blew. Hope is the anchor fastened to the eternal word of God; faith is the cable attached to the anchor hope.

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PREFACE of Orr – Food for Lambs
I pray that the sayings of this little volume will animate many a soul to a higher, nobler, holier life. Although it is written to young Christians, it may do some good to older saints. I hope it will. I commit it to the public with no other motive than to do good.

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Orr – Food for Lambs

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