Bryan, Ruth – Gleanings from the Inner Life of Ruth Bryan

Gleanings from the Inner Life of Ruth Bryan
“Your eyes shall see the King in His beauty.”—Isa_33:17

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    1822. Early religious impressions—Mourning over a hard heart—Halting between two opinions—Illness of her father
    1823. Prayer for sanctified affliction—Father’s death
    1829. Self-acquaintance—Commencement of spiritual warfare—Earnest longings after a living faith—Hope springing up
    1830. First Lord’s Table—Doubts and uncertainty—Waiting for a sense of pardon—Becomes a Sunday-school teacher
    1831. Anxiety about family prayer—Self-mortification hard to bear
    1832. Begins the year with an Ebenezer—Visit to Normanton—Cholera at Nottingham
    1833. Declining health—Much spiritual darkness and trying Providences—Last illness and death of her uncle
    1834. Journey to Birmingham—Looking into self—Consequent depression—Glimpses of the grace of Jesus
    1835. Bearing the cross—Deep heart-exercise—Temptation to infidelity
    1836. Fervent wrestlings—Distinction between root and fruit
    1837. The Scriptures precious—Helps by the way—Lukewarmness lamented
    1838. A profitable conversation—After perplexities—A blessed “assurance of faith” given—Sin a burden—Rejoicing—Symptoms of a fatal disease—The world a snare—Felt helplessness
    1839. A close walk with God—Bodily weakness—Fresh manifestations and love visits from Jesus—Foretasting glory—Deep sense of sin—The Savior her hiding-place—Living in Christ—The flesh subdued—Fasting and feasting
    1840. Renewed dedication of body, soul, and spirit to the Lord—Remembrance of past mercies—Shortcoming—Searchings of heart—Victory through the blood of the Cross
    1841. Soul discipline—Diving teaching—Under a cloud—Felt distance from her Lord—Pressing after a life of faith—Restored to communion—Much tried respecting the publication of her letters
    1842. Large requests—Perfect freedom—The Proverbs of Solomon full of Christ—Groaning under felt corruptions, yet glorying in the Lord—Financial straits
    1843. Earnests of the inheritance—Her watchword, “More of Christ”—His Person unfolded by the Spirit, through the Word—Sorrow and joy—Self-loathing—The fight of faith—The chastening of love—Kissing the rod—Spiritual arithmetic
    1844. Risen with Christ—Blessed views, by faith, of a glorious Christ—Feeding upon the Word—Poor and needy—Leaning upon the Beloved—Jesus her daily Sabbath—Still panting after further revelations of His glory
    1845. Eternal union with Jesus—Fiery darts of the wicked one—The Precious name of Jesus—Lesson from a spider’s web—Temporal mercies lent by the Lord—Fresh anointings from the Holy One—Singing of mercy and judgment
    1846. The illness of her mother—Anxieties and pleadings on her behalf—New discoveries of the beauty of Jesus—Serving Him without fear—Grace abounding—Her mother’s death—A sparrow alone—The Lord also her Comforter
    1847. Not alone—Visit to the grave—Communion with glorified saints—Pressing cares—Walks by faith—Timely deliverance—Visits the House of Refuge
    1848. Peculiar straits—Looking unto Jesus—Longing for the salvation of souls—A cry from the depths—Feasting at the King’s table—The triumph of faith—Prayer and fasting, with thanksgiving—A great answer—Emboldened to wait upon the Lord—Singing His praise
    1849. The Lord’s faithfulness—Temporal and spiritual help bestowed—A visit to Ockbrook—Great weakness of body—Beams of the coming glory—Rejoicing in the great salvation—Laboring in the vineyard—A public fast—Continued trial in temporal matters, yet cleaving to the Lord and to His promises
    1850. Christ her all in all—Favored with access to the throne of grace—Blessed fellowship with Jesus—Matlock blessings—Teachings of the Spirit—The spread of Popery
    1851. A day of darkness—A “time of refreshing” from the presence of the Lord—Fatigue and sharp conflict—Great Malvern—Journeying mercies—Increasing sufferings, but new songs—A happy Christmas Day
    1852. Rumor of a French invasion—Trusting in the Lord—Heart-wanderings—A peculiar trial—Meditations on the Word—A day of humiliation—Friday evening meetings—Prayer to know God’s will in little things
    1853. Seeking brighter evidences—Sensible comforts diminished—Faint, yet pursuing—Sojourn in Edinburgh—Feasting in Famine
    1854. Yearning over the soul of a sick friend—Good Friday a hallowed season—The mystery of the blessed Trinity unfolded—Lessons from the Scriptures—Thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest—A time of war—Fellowship with Christ in His sufferings
    1855. Thoughts upon death—A day of national fast and humiliation—Much exercised about seeking further medical advice—Passion week—A time of Jubilee—Sips from the fountain—A glorious view of a suffering Christ—Resurrection blessedness—Justification by faith—Christmas-eve
    1856. A time of temptation—The Bible a wonderful book—Perplexing letters spread before the King—National rejoicings on account of peace restored—The blessings of Calvary—Martha and Mary—A visit to Filey—Self-examination—”The Word made flesh”
    1857. The Spirit’s word—Redemption price—Pantings after Jesus—A banquet with the King—The coverings of the tabernacle—A second visit to Filey—Divine love—Watching for the Lord’s hand on the top of Mount Carmel
    1858. A New Year’s motto: “Looking unto Jesus”—The Refiner’s work—Longing for the “better land”—The debt paid, and the Church eternally free—The blessedness of union—No birthday portion—The sun in a mist—The furnace
    1859. Tribulation—Disease progressing—Death of Mr. T—. Preciousness of the blood of the Lamb—Jesus as the High Priest—Christ delighting in His Church—A feast-day
    1860. Much bodily suffering—The enemy harassing—Christ in the types, Psalms, and Prophets—The realization of the presence of Jesus in the furnace—Safe in the Ark—The Lord Almighty for a crown of glory—The last entry


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    My Tracts on Church Attendance
    The first and foremost reason to go to church is because God commands us to do so (Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) 24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: 25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.).
    Coming in behind that direct command of God, we go to church in order to worship God Himself. How? Simple. We hear the Word of God actually read and carefully explained, and then we assimilate those principles y exhortations into our personal lives, and that is worship. Without those elements, there is no worship, and there is no success at "going to church." It is fruitless spiritually, and without spiritual benefit to your life, you will get discouraged and stop going, stop being committed to it, and it will ruin your life because you are a hypocrite.

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