Parson Satans devices and the believer's victory

Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

Parsons Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory 312 page work investigating Satan and his works and characteristics

Parson Satans devices and the believer’s victory 312 page work investigating Satan and his works and characteristics. Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory.

Parsons Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Cor.2:11.
And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. Rom 16: 20.
Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by
In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.


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CONTENTS of Satan’s Devices and the Believer’s Victory

CHAPTER I. Introductory. – The Case stated. – Its Application to those who do and those who do not profess Christianity…………………………..11
CHAPTER II. Personal Existence of Satan. – Bible View presented. – Objections answered…………….15
CHAPTER III. Character of Satan……………….21
CHAPTER IV. The Battle Field surveyed.– The Human Mind and its Principles of Action……………24
CHAPTER V. What must be Satan’s Methods of Working, as indicated by the Changeless Laws of our Mental and Moral Constitutions……………………. 33
CHAPTER VI. Primary Importance to the Christian Life of the Right Adjustment of the Will to the Truth, illustrated by a “1Pastor’s Sketch.”……………..37
CHAPTER VIL. Satan, the “Author and Finisher” of Unbelief………………………………44
CHAPTER VIII. Satan, in the Height of his Power, obscuring the Essential Object of Faith, Christ Jesus the Lord; thus rendering impossible the Exercise of a Living Faith……………………………..48
CHAPTER IX. Satan’s Second Eclipse of the Object of Faith -hiding also the Deity of the Spirit, and for a Like Purpose…………………………….55
CHAPTER X. The Mischiefs Satan accomplishes by removing from before the Eye of Faith the Godhead of Christ and the Spirit……………. 60
CHAPTER XI. Satan, sowing Tares. – Pastor’s Sketch illustrating the Necessity of having the Right Seed-Truth sown in the Heart, that a True Christian Character may grow therefrom…………… 64
CHAPTER XII. Satan, as the Father of Lies.–Principles premised. 1. His Object is to destroy the Soul. 2. Lies received are held as Truths, and thus they have all the Binding Force of Truth and all the Damaging Effect of Lies. 3. They exclude Corresponding Truths from the Mind. 4. To receive them Involves an Impeachment of the Divine Character. 5. They are anchored primarily in the Sensibility, not in the Reason. 6. They are adapted to meet the Idiosyncrasies and Prejudices of Men. 7. Language is not required to express them. 8. When thoroughly lodged in the Mind, it is difficult, and often impossible, to remove them…… 70
CHAPTER XIII. The Lies whereby Satan keeps Men from becoming Christians………….. 74
CHAPTER XIV. The Lies by which Satan aims to weaken and waste the Inner Life of Christians…… 86
CHAPTER XV. The Fiery Darts of the Wicked One, illustrated by a Sketch of a Remarkable Case.. 101
CHAPTER XVI. Satan, as the ” Accuser of the Brethren.”. 108
CHAPTER XVII. Wherein Satan is considered as the Tempter. 113
CHAPTER XVIII. Wherein appears the Christian’s Deliverer. -Method of Victory shown………. 121
CHAPTER XIX. Satan, as transformed into an Angel of Light.–Pastor’s Sketches………… 132
CHAPTER XX. How to distinguish between Satan, so transformed into an Angel of Light, and Christ, the True Angel and Messenger of God, whom Satan counterfeits. 146
CHAPTER XXI. Satanic Plots.-Pastor’s Sketch…. 159
CHAPTER XXII. Satan, the Enemy of Prayer and Vital Communion with God…………. 168
CHAPTER XXIII. Satan, as Philosopher, Theologian, and Logician…………….. 180
CHAPTER XXIV. The Allies of Satan……… 201
CHAPTER XXV. Satan, the Foe of our Sanctification and Growth in Grace…………… 209
Section 1. Theories of the Different Schools considered, and shown to differ only in Speculative, not Essential Points…………… 210
Section 2. All Attainments in the Divine Life the Result of knowing God in the Heart…….. 213
Section 3. This Knowledge the Exclusive Gift of the Spirit–its Positive and Assuring Nature…… 218
Section 4. Conditions of receiving this Life-giving Knowledge of God.–A Theological Difficulty met.. 223
Section 5. The Relations of Revealed Truth to our Growing Sanctification………… 226
Section 6. The Relation between knowing God by the Spirit, and the Enjoyment of the Life of Holiness… 228
Section 7. The Natural and Life-giving Effect upon the Mind of knowing, from Heaven, certain Definite Things concerning God and ourselves – concerning his
Relations to us and ours to him………. 229
Section 8. The Law of Progress in this Divine, Saving Knowledge; with a Sketch illustrating the Spirit’s Method. – The “Higher Christian Life” explained.. 241
Section 9. What may we reasonably hope to attain in this Life, in Respect to the State, (1.) Of the Will; (2.) Of the Intellect; (3.) Of the Sensibility;- or in the
Matter of Purpose, Knowledge, and Emotion?… 251
Section 10. The Relation of Faith to the Obtaining of this Saving Knowledge of God……… 259
Section 11. The Duty of Living in the Victorious Enjoyment of this Life-sustaining Knowledge of God. 261
Section 12. The Guilt of being without this Knowledge and its Saving Power……….. 264
Section 13. The General View here presented, confirmed by its Power to harmonize the apparently Conflicting Views of the Different Schools of Evangelical Christians, and to simplify certain Vexed Questions in Theology……………..267
CHAPTER XXVI. Satan’s Methods of Opposing the Christian’s Sanctification………….. 281
CHAPTER XXVII. Satan’s Efforts to Cripple the Ministers of the Gospel, and render their Preaching powerless… 294
CHAPTER XXVIII. The Great Fight with and Victory over Satan; with a Pastor’s Sketch of the Battle Scene… 302

Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

PREFACE of Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory.

To comprehend the forces which resist one’s progress in any right direction, is a most important study- an essential condition of success. To know our enemy, -how, when, where, and with what weapons he will attack us, -goes far to insure a victory. This principle applies, in all its force, in spiritual matters. We have, in the Christian warfare, relentless and most artful foes to contend with; and, if we would not “beat the air,” and be shamefully driven from the field, we must know our enemy, in his tactics and in his defenses, and how we may effectually use against him those weapons which are “mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” A successful reconnoissance of the foe is half the battle. If this volume has any merit, it lies, in the author’s judgment, in this: that it brings the

PREFACE Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

opposing forces which are at work, on the one hand, to destroy, and, on the other, to save the soul, into an open field, face to face; that it exposes the enemy at his work of death, so that he can be seen and understood, and so that the powers of the gospel may be intelligently and effectually brought to bear against him, till the “prey of the terrible shall be delivered.”

The work aims to be a sort of “hand-book” for all who would “fight the good fight of faith,” whether they have or have not, yet entered upon the duty; whether they are in the infancy or childhood of the spiritual life, or whether they have made the highest attainments known among the saints. It seeks to meet the wants of men of all denominations, or of none, who hope to reach heaven through the redemption of Christ; to make the way clear from Egypt to the Land of Promise; and to show how to enter the land and gather its precious fruits. The things it attempts to present are as needful to be known, and well known, both to the Christian and to him who would be such, as the fundamental rules of arithmetic, to the mathematician.

PREFACE. v Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

The chapter on the subject of Sanctification aims to give a more complete and satisfactory view than would easily be gained from writers who have presented only some specific phases of that doctrine. The author entertains the hope that he has presented it from a stand-point from which all Christians will be able to see eye to eye, in respect to it, and to be quickened to lay hold of “the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ.” The chapter contains, in its last section, some applications of principles which may afford some light to the popular mind, on certain vexed questions in theology. Various ” pastor’s sketches” are introduced, which, it is hoped, will make clear some of the more essential and difficult points, and help to fix them in the memory.

The work contains no learned disquisitions concerning the existence or nature of Satan. Its object is entirely practical, and its teachings will be found scarcely less important to those who deny, than to those who admit, his personal existence. The author has followed the simple method of the Bible, and has felt authorized, wherever he has found lies doing

vi PREFACE. Parson Satan’s devices and the believer’s victory

their fatal work, to charge their fatherhood upon Satan; and so on, through all the catalogue of abominations ascribed to him in the Scriptures. It is needless to say that nothing is claimed for the work as a mere literary performance. The object of the writer has been to communicate, in a simple way, a kind of instruction, the great need of which in the churches, his own ministry—spent somewhat largely in revivals of religion–has made him deeply and painfully feel.
The author would be most happy to have each of its readers regard the work as affectionately dedicated to himself, and to have it read with that peculiar interest which is awakened by a conscious personal friendship existing between author and reader.

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Sample Chapter XII. Satan, as the Father of Lies.–Principles premised.

1. His Object is to destroy the Soul. 2. Lies received are held as Truths, and thus they have all the Binding Force of Truth and all the Damaging Effect of Lies. 3. They exclude Corresponding Truths from the Mind. 4. To receive them Involves an Impeachment of the Divine Character. 5. They are anchored primarily in the Sensibility, not in the Reason. 6. They are adapted to meet the Idiosyncrasies and Prejudices of Men. 7. Language is not required to express them. 8. When thoroughly lodged in the Mind, it is difficult, and often impossible, to remove them


When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. – John 8:44.
THE tares which Satan sows are the lies which he impresses upon the minds of men. Before exposing some of these falsehoods, we will state several important principles, which need to be considered in this connection.

1. The object of Satan in the use of lies is, of course, to destroy the soul, to confirm it in the darkness, guilt, and ruin of sin.

2. When men accept what are really the lies of Satan, they hold them as truths; and the consequence is, that they have all the binding force of truth, and all the damaging effect of lies. The mind is not made for falsehood. It first calls it truth, and then welcomes it to its fatal and ruinous work.

3. While lies have possession of the mind, they, of course, exclude from it the corresponding truths. There is a natural self- consistency in our mental operafions. We do not consciously believe that a thing is both true and false at the same time. To hold as a truth that two and two are six, is to hold as a lie that two and two are four. Some great lie, which the mind may adopt as a truth, will inevitably exclude the whole gospel from the soul as a saving power. If a man holds that he is not a sinner in the Bible sense, the whole gospel becomes a nullity, and can have no significance to him.

4. To believe the lies of Satan against God, involves an impeachment of the Divine character for veracity. It is to transfer the character of Satan to God, and that of God to Satan. It is to account and treat God, ” who can not lie,” as a liar; and Satan, who is the father of liars, and who will not use the truth except in a way to have the effect of lies, as worthy of all confidence. It is, in our conduct, to undeify Jehovah as to his most essential moral attribute; and this is the very climax of guilt. Nor is it any valid excuse for treating God as a liar by our unbelief, that the promises, in which we refuse to trust, seem “too good” to belong to persons so unworthy as ourselves.

5. The lies of Satan are mainly anchored in the sensibility. The attack of the enemy is not direct upon the reason, for that affirms, intuitively, the existence and veracity of God. Nor is the onset direct upon the will. Satan does not come and nakedly urge a man to set up his will against his Maker and Benefactor, against truth and obligation. He is too wise to fly so palpably in the face of man’s moral nature. He rather plants his lie, sows his tares, in the emotional nature. You feel that the thing is true, though reason may say it is false. The feeling possesses and haunts you, and you can not rid yourself of it, that, for example, there is no mercy for you; and feeling thus, you allow your reason to be silenced, and your will to go over to the feeling, and accept the lie as truth, and Satan’s object is accomplished. He has hooked his chain into your will through the lie he planted in your sensibility, and he thus easily leads you “captive at his will.” This he will continue to do so long as you will consent to take as true his impressions, instead of the voice of your reason and the positive testimonies of God’s word. The whole coast here is lined with wrecks.

6. Satan adapts his lies, varies, changes, multiplies and divides them, to meet the idiosyncrasies, prejudices, and the surroundings of each individual soul whose destruction he seeks. All his skill and knowledge and power of deception, are doubtless employed to turn light into darkness and darkness into light. Fortunately for the world, however, Satan can not succeed in extinguishing the Sun of Righteousness.

7. That Satan has neither tongue nor voice, does not prevent his ministration of lies. Language is one medium of thought in the world, but there is no proof that this is at all necessary in the realm of spirit. For aught we know, Satan has the same power, in kind, to impress men with falsehood, that the Holy Spirit has to seal truth upon the mind.

8. When lies become thoroughly enthroned in the will, it is very difficult, and often impossible, to dislodge them. They have possession of all the mind’s powers, so that every avenue is jealously guarded against the approach of the truth. The whole force of mental habit and of apparent interest, is on the side of falsehood. The power of the mind itself to find and hold the truth is, by the perversion of its faculties, sadly impaired. The difficulty of casting out devils is only the difficulty of casting out lies. No voice but that of the Almighty can effectually command them.

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