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A Daily Devotional by Philpot.

This is one year devotional in a devx file by J.C. Philpot.  Philpot Zion Wayfarers This file was created by David Cox and original document found at


January 1    

“Hold up my goings in your paths, that my footsteps slip     not.” Psalm 17:5

Without scrupulously or superstitiously observing “days, and months, and times, and years,” few of us altogether pass by so marked an     epoch as the dawning of another year upon our path without some acknowledgment of it both to God and man. When we open our eyes on the first     morning of the year, we almost instinctively say, “This is New-year’s day.” Nor is this, at least this should not be, all the notice we take, all the     acknowledgment we make of that opening year of which we may not see the  close.

When we bend our knees before the throne of grace, we mingle with thankful acknowledgment for the mercies of the past year, both in providence and in grace, earnest petitions for similar mercies to be experienced and enjoyed through the present. Last evening witnessed our confessions of the many, many grievous sins, wanderings, backslidings, and departings from the living God during the year now gone; this morning witnesses our supplications for grace to hold up our goings in his paths, that our footsteps slip not through the year just come. Tears are most suitable at the burial of the dead; hopes and desires at the birth of the living. The past year was the departed father, worn out with age and infirmity; the present year the new-born babe in the arms of the smiling mother. It is still, however, mid-winter. Today, the first of the present year, differs little in outward appearance from yesterday, the last of the past. But the thoughtful, prayerful mind takes little notice of wintry skies. It feels that the old, worn-out year has sunk into its grave, with all its trials and afflictions, and that a new year has come in its place, with its new hopes and new mercies; and if it bring new trials, yet that the promise still stands, that new strength will be given to meet and overcome them.

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