Torrey, R.A. – How to Work for Christ – Volume 1-3

Torrey, R.A. – How to Work for Christ – Volume 1-3


This book is written for both ministers and laymen. It will be of help to the minister in suggesting to him how to make full proof of his own ministry and how to get his people to work. It will be of help to laymen in leading them into many fields of fruitful labor for Christ.

The Church of Christ is full of people who wish to work for their Master but do not know how. This book is intended to tell them how. It contains no untried theories, but describes many methods of work that have been put to the test of actual experiment and have succeeded. So far as I know, there is no other book that covers the same field. For years it has been upon my heart to write this book, and I have been asked again and again to do so. But I have never found time for it until now. May it be used of God to the conversion of thousands to Christ.

R. A. Torrey


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