Burge, C.- Atonement: Showing its Nature, Its Necessity, and Its Extent.

This is a 10 chapter work by Methodist Burge on the Atonement. It examines different aspects of the atonement as far as the efficacy of the atonement.

Essay on the Scripture Doctrine of Atonement: Showing its Nature, Its Necessity, and Its Extent.

By Caleb Burge, A. M.
AIM: Methodist, Caleb Burge.
CIM: Salvation, Atonement.
Version: October 10, 2014

Chapter 1. The Subject Introduced.
Chapter 2. Some Obstacles Pointed Out, Which Stood In The Way Of God’s Pardoning Sinners Without An Atonement.
Chapter 3. Whether The Sufferings Of Christ Were Sufficient To Remove The Obstacles Which Stood In The Way Of The Pardon Of Sinners.
Chapter 4. Whether The Obedience Of Christ Constitutes Any Part Of The Atonement.
Chapter 5. Full Atonement, And Salvation Wholly By Grace, Consistent With Each Other.
Chapter 6. Answer To An Objection; In Which It Is Shown In What Sense Christ Died In The Room And Stead Of Sinners; That His Sufferings Were Not Punitive, Etc.
Chapter 7. An Inquiry Concerning Imputation.
Chapter 8. Reasons Why Faith In The Blood Of Christ Is Necessary, In Order That Sinners May Be Justified.
Append 9. Remarks On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation.


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