MacDuff, John – Memories of Gennesaret

This is a devotional work by MacDuff, a president of a Christian college. He looks at Christ’s ministry in Gennesaret.


Our Lord’s Ministry in Gennesaret
(also called Galilee or Tiberias)

by John MacDuff, 1887

This is a devotional work by MacDuff, a president of a Christian college. He looks at Christ’s ministry in Gennesaret. He looks at various aspects of Christ’s ministry in and around this place. There are several good devotional events that he focuses his thoughts on in this work. Some of Christ’s teachings like the Sower and the Seed story or parable is also examined. There are some biblical character studies also in this work. Some key events are also dealt with.


1. The Home
2. The Fishermen
3. The Call and Consecration
4. The Incurable Cured
5. The Soldier and His Slave
6. Three Portraits
7. The Sower and the Seed (part 1)
8. The Sower and the Seed (part 2)
9. The Storm on the Lake
10. The Spoiler Spoiled
11. The Only Daughter
12. The Life of Sacrifice
13. The Miraculous Feast
14. The Night Rescue
15. The Sinking Disciple
16. The Doomed City
17. Heroism
18. Mary Magdalene
19. The Feast on the Shore
20. The Testimony of Love
21. The Farewell


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