Kelly, William – Elements of Prophecy

This is a brethren work about the elements of Prophecy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The True Principle Compared with Current Maxims
Chapter 2: Alleged Presumptions for Historicalism
Chapter 3: The Four Empires
Chapter 4: The Vision of the Ram and He-GoatChapter 5: Supplementary Observations
Chapter 6: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9
Chapter 7: The Scripture of Truth. Daniel 10-12
Chapter 8: General Conclusions
Chapter 9: The Lord’s Great Prophecies in the Gospels: Matthew 24; Matthew 25; Mark 13; Luke 21
Chapter 10: The General Design of the Apocalypse — Objections Met
Chapter 11: The General Design of the Apocalypse — Direct Arguments
Chapter 12: On the Year-Day Theory
Chapter 13: The Year-Day Theory Continued
Chapter 14: The Year-Day Theory: The Apocalyptic Numbers
Chapter 15: The Year-Day Theory Concluded
Chapter 16: Concluding Observations
Appendix A: {Prophecy: Its Classes, Purpose and Study}
Appendix B: The Jewish and Christian Expectation of Christ Briefly Contrasted
Appendix C: Remarks on 1 and 2 Thessalonians Connected with the Revelation
Miscellaneous Texts and Subjects.


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