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Website will be available soon, probably around the end of June 2014. The website will be totally new, as will be the modules. I am working on reformatting every module in our library. This will be very helpful for presenting a uniform view of all modules (same font and size). This is in the process right now (2700 modules to do, so it will take a few months). I am also integrating the library to make it more of a "whole" rather than a bunch single books. There will be special new features that no other theWord nor e-Sword libraries have. These things are also taking time. Please be patient. If you would like to make a donation to help me along with this effort (all donations pay website hosting fees), you can send me a donation at [email protected] Thanks in advance. I would also greatly appreciate a favor. I have a torn rotor cup in my shoulder, 3 pinched nerves in my spine, and carpal tunnel syndrome, and all of this since last August. It is extremely painful for me to spend a lot of time at the computer, and that is exactly what I am doing. I have to work short spurts, and rest. So I would appreciate your prayers that I would be able to work without being hindered by this pain. Mostly it is a constant dull pain, but occasionally I twist my arm or something it is very painful then. I am learning to live with the dull pain (lots of aspirin), but I am trying to take care not to twist my arm unnecessarily. Pastor David Cox Webmaster